Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Season 2 of the BBC series Orphan Black has already kicked off, so we get you caught up on the first four episodes.

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what i like is how they managed to portray parts of their individual backstory with minimal effort.

the way that helena absentmindedly ate anything sweet she could get her hands on, keeping on with what she was doing never letting it distract her, taking any opportunity to enjoy something you assume she was denied growing up.

or how rachel says incredulously that no-one ever touches her when she has her runin with sarah. showing just how highly regarded she is to the point they treat her as a profit or messiah not to be touched or sullied with their non enhanced form.

at least thats how im choosing to interprit those bits.

only seen the first two episodes so far so didnt read everything but nice to see its going on in the same vein as the first series sometimes you can have that dissonance in the gap between series more/less money to spend so cutbacks or new flashy bits that dont always work, behind the scenes staff changing so the feel differing ever so slightly. so good to see not major differences so far.

It's a fun show. I can understand if it's not everyone's cup of tea. The only thing that bugs me is Kira. I like the idea of the character just I feel she's like the the all knowing creepy little girl sometimes and thats just not the angle I want to see done with her.

I'm liking how things are going... but at the same time I'm getting wary of all the "coincidences" that keep things moving along. Coincidences that are a bit too difficult to suspend disbelief on.

With that being said, I've been hooked since the first preview and nothing has lessened that interest. I like the Prolethial storyline twist, I much prefer Hendrik as a bad guy to Tomas. (And I'm really hoping for a civil war between old world and new world Prolethians.) I like Cal quite a bit and I'm interested in seeing if there's going to be a Cal-Paul-Sarah love triangle. I'm not sure if either Cosima or Allison are all that useful beyond periphery. Cosima in particular seems to have a very shallow story so far, whereas Allison's is missing something. It's like her storyline is being written for one liners, like "Are you going to watch every time I tinkle?". Mrs. S and Carleton was great to see, as well as Mrs. S being one hell of a dangerous person; we had that impression in season 1, but she's really got the "Ex(?)-IRA Militant" vibe on full display. A bit more info on the Birdwatchers would be nice, though I could deal with that curiosity in alternate media. (ie: novels, comics, DVD extra's, etc.)

The show has earned the benefit of the doubt in my eyes, so I'm willing to go with it, but it really needs to tighten up its geography and timing. These are the sorts of things that drive me to distraction.


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