No Right Answer: Best Current Cartoon Network Cartoon

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um, regular show might have merits, but I haven't really seen any episode that stood out or what, and I find it sad that it was included.

Not counting adult swim, which had rick and morty.

I'd probably have gone with stephen universe. when you lead with regular show vs adventure time I don't even want to hear your points, Regular show merely being suggested means your opinion is not to be respected. you don't get any points for your opinions. so the score is apparently -1 to 4. I'm just being polite here. only made it thru one complete episode of regular show, tried watching 3.

after not being able to make it thru 2 of 3 episodes, god do you like family guy too?

thats apparently funny because he's fat AND stupid. I mean he's so fat he's a cannibal. hilarious.

Reading thru your video and this topic, Regular show felt like spongebob from the clip of mississipi queen

which isn't to say spongebob doesn't have great or memorable episodes, its just not for adults

I like Adventure Time in theory. My wife will tell me all the strange and funny things that will happen in it and I'll get intrigued. But then I'll sit down to watch it and it just feels so scatter-brained. I hate that an episode can end with almost no closure for what just happened. I get that they only have about fifteen minutes to work with, but still. You can't just have the adorable old lady elephant explode and then cut to black (Yeah I know she comes back eventually but that doesn't do anything for me in that moment). Likewise it's hard for me to watch the "Ice King has Alzheimers" episode and then see he just goes back to his old shenanigans in all the next eps.

Maybe that stuff wont bother me so much in a binge-watching format like Netflix.

Adventure Time has the problem of being too meta, it disappears up it's own ass. It attempts to juggle being serious/semi-serious/semi-humorous/humorous. Few shows can pull that off. I view adventure time the same way I view Dark Souls in regards to it's audience. It's niche, but it's a big niche, surprisingly so. It's format really seemed to click with people. They're able to appreciate the direction it goes and the things it tries to do with it's own brand of humour. I tend to prefer it to Regular Show, as that cartoon has too much bro humour for me to appreciate on the whole.

Yeah, didn't much care for seinfeld. Seinfeld with cartoons just didn't do much more for me, in fact it seemed to take away from something that I already didn't like.

It's interesting how these two shows each push a key need of the human condition to its dangerous limits.

Adventure Time, from what I've seen, has an undercurrent of love/lust. Finn seeks a relationship with an appealing princess, regardless of elemental incompatibility. The Ice King has strong feelings for the female and gender-bended female characters. And then there's Marceline, who seems to have a thing for Finn while knowing full well of her vampiric instincts. These characters want to be loved by their crushes, however difficult that can be to achieve.

Regular Show is about the characters wanting to prove themselves. Whether it's in a bowling competition, Benson's workaholic achievement, or a prank war, the characters always want to prove that they are superior and/or deserve respect. They push themselves into doing awesome, yet deadly, activities to prove their worth. They all want to be alpha males in their preferred ways.

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