8 Monsters Scarier Than Godzilla

8 Monsters Scarier Than Godzilla

Today we give you eight minuscule, compared to Godzilla, monsters that really should scare you more than the giant lizard of note. Why should they scare you more than the humongous scaly beast? Because you can't see them from the horizon, and they really do exist. So avoid these at all costs, unless you like pain, in which case hunt them down.

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On crocodiles, I give you Gustave!
He prowls the lakes of Burundi, is approx 25 feet long, and has been credited with the deaths of over 200 people, possibly even 300. He's been known to swipe children playing along the shores. He is a plague that swims.

Why would you fear tarantulas? Among spiders large enough to pierce your skin with their bite, tarantulas are among the least deadly. In fact, it's so not deadly that 10 of them biting you repeatedly isn't enough to cause anything but severe discomfort. The only time it might be dangerous is if you're severely allergic. Hell, their primary form of defense is shedding hairs that make you itchy.

This section is getting more and more similar to Cracked. I don't know whether that's a good thing or not.

A tarantula bite, while fast and scary, is no more dangerous than a bee sting (probably even less so, to someone allergic to bee venom.) Your pet gerbil could bite you and give you blood poisoning (septicemia) and kill you more effectively than any tarantula could. Gerbils and kittens are scarier than tarantula. Why don't you take out the poor abused tarantula and put in the perennial favorite Black Widow or Brown Recluse, really dangerous spiders?

The cone snail with its stabby poisonous needle is freaking scary, you will never see it in time, and can kill you in three minutes unless you are wearing steel clothing in the water. Forget shark mesh. The needle is fine enough to poke right through the links. You'd need Iron Man armor. Same for lion fish.

Snapping turtles are scarier than alligators and crocodiles. A snapping turtle can bite off an alligator's head. A full grown snapping turtle can bite off most of a bowling ball and probably get some of your fingers with it. And unless you are gunfighter quick, it'll grab you first.


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