Indie Developers Showcase, Day 5: World of Goo

Indie Developers Showcase, Day 5: World of Goo

It's official: By the time you finish reading this sentence, you will no longer have any excuse not to play World of Goo.



The guys at 2D Boy deserve all praise for their relationship with the community (I write this as I listen to the WoG OST) and their efforts/achievements when it comes to "indie games".

May their history serve as incentive to others aiming to the reach the treasure that lies at the top of Mt. Game Career...well, except for the "living in a pile of bat poo for five months" part :)

"I would love for games to move towards shorter perfect nuggets of dense fun. Most games are too long to finish!"

Hear hear! WOG has as much fun packed into 3 hours as many full price games fit into 40.

A really interesting, and challenging game. Well done!

I played this for hours....only not at my house...on my own computer...on the weekend. :)

Played this. Loved this. Only two levels to finish before I've finished all of them (skipped them because they were tough/annoying/time-consuming).

Just waiting on a Linux version.

What? It's a day after the article has been posted, and no replies? It'd better be because everyone who read the article is too busy playing.

(BTW, why was this article split in two? It's barely longer the the other ones.)

I will now attempt to marry the Demo of this game...
Seriously the Demo rules.

best wii ware game!!!


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