LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Get Video Ideas

Ways to Get Video Ideas

Ever wondered how the LRR crew comes up with a new comedy idea every week? It's... complicated.

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Check the forums, eh...


I see you guys are finally listening to my constant badgering for Paul to grow back his beard.

You seem to have a lot of ideas, ironicaly. Great job as always.
Wasn't that longer than X way to Y usually are ? Because it felt that way.

Clearly the best source of ideas is Dickbutt. Think about it, it's original and fun for the whole family.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard that familiar piano tune start up, because these types of LRR videos are my favorites.

Astral Projection could be its own video.

I see Cam and Graham have taken a page from DC's book when it comes to getting ideas.

Fun video. Loved the 4th wall break at the end with Paul smacking the camera.


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