Welcome to My Frightmare

Welcome to My Frightmare

The home to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre also holds an annual Frightmare each May. We get a look inside the macabre event, complete with lots of pictures.

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That would be freaking awesome to go to.

Halloween is the best holiday ever and this just looks like one big ass Halloween party!

"Some of them didn't even have a particular villain in mind, like... the man with the burlap sack on his head and a sharp pickaxe"

I'm pretty sure that's Jason Voorhees as he appeared in Friday the 13th Pt.2

This isn't really that on topic but this has been the first forum I've visited in the comics and cosplay section. I simply clicked on the thread from the front page cause the title sounded interesting. Imagine my surprise when I click on something involving "frightmare" and suddenly there's a bunch of red all over the site...


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