10 Stunning Space Videos Direct from NASA

10 Stunning Space Videos Direct from NASA

Videos of science are always cool. But when they come from NASA and the final frontier, they add a new layer of incredible.

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Those are some truly beautiful videos. They have an incredibly serene quality to them.

These kinds of things always remind me of incredibly small we all are.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: whoever selects the music for those NASA Heliophsyics videos needs to win some kind of award.

Fantastic stuff, really beautiful, where's our FTL drives Human race? I want to go exploring and just chill out in space to watch stuff like this in reality.

Also, it makes me a sad panda this has only had 2 comments :(

Also, it makes me a sad panda this has only had 2 comments :(

sensationalist media > progress as a species

we really need to re-evaluate our priorities


I really like this, especially the volcano and the Earthrise ones.

It IS quite sad at how few posts this article got, but I'm still happy with the ones it has. Thank you all for posting.

....Though, maybe why there's so few posts is because those that merely saw this and didn't post just went, "Oh, that's cool," and went about their days. Doesn't mean they didn't enjoy it or just didn't care; they probably felt like there was no need. I'm sure if we could check the page views, it'd be a lot higher than the post count...Just a theory.


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