Game of Thrones Abridged: "Mockingbird" - Uncle Petyr Goes Full Creeper

"Mockingbird" - Uncle Petyr Goes Full Creeper

Tyrion learns he's going to battle Mountain McMeaty Muscleman, The Hound and Arya's murder spree road trip continues, Dany has a gentlemen caller, and things get really, really awkward with Littlefinger. Like, super awkward.

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Funny as always.

It is worth noting that unless you plan on doing a recap, GoT won't be on next week due to it being US Memorial Day weekend.

I'll never un-see those cock-'n-balls plants and it looks like we'll be in the Eyrie for a while, thanks Matt.

Spoiler warning: hot pie

Matt Lees is my personal trainer for the Smile Olympics*. :D

(*not to be confused with the Simile Olympics, which is something else entirely)

proper creased up when you did hot pie... good job

In two weeks actually Matt, because of Memorial day.

The bit with the gravy had me laughing so hard it started to hurt a bit, keep up the good work.

Cock and balls indeed. Said the same thing to my imaginary friend Sirraco the Mangy Chimp when that bit showed up. I mean, I pirated the stream like three quarters of the viewing audience so it didn't exactly "air" for me. But I felt a right solid rumble through my Puritan Liver for the people who watched it on HBO on Sunday. *Blows on bubble pipe*.

Love the episode but the best part for me was: "Is he going to fight for Tyrion? Is he piss." the delivery was great.

No don't change the "Byeeee" to "Goodbye"! That was the worst ending to all of the Game of Thrones Abridged so far. If the new one will be in every episode from here on out I will be a sad person. Please don't make me a sad person.

"You've eaten a sword, you dickhead." lol.


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