Orphan Black: Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Orphan Black: Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 finds Helena with Sarah at clone HQ and the two try to find more about The Swan Man.

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I watched all the episodes in the last few days. Season 1 was sooo awesome. Watching Tatiana playing a character which is trying to play another her character, that may just be the best acting I've seen, ever (really; I'd like to see Al Pacino or pulling this stunt off). The whole thing was dripping with humour, or is it just my understanding of the mechanics? Either way, all the interactions and character stuff seemed to push the conspiracy plot into the background.

Where S01 was more of a sitcom (or is it just my take?), S02 is going full-blown conspiracy thriller. Not so fun in my opinion. Powerful corporation, religious fanatics and a prophetical small girl. It's more like a Sarah Connor story. At least they're not trying to play the "illegal human experiments" tune this time but it's just not interesting. And while Tatiana is awesome as ever, watching her having her ear cut while handcuffed really destroyed the fun the show had.

Still gonna watch it (again: Tatiana is too awesome) but I wish I discovered this show a few years from now when I could watch the whole run and not wait another week for another episode.

Now off to Continuum season 3.

Sgt. Sykes:

Now off to Continuum season 3.

I marathon watched up to this episode as well. Kills me I now have to watch it in real time!

I've felt bad for Helena since she almost killed her seester's daughter by accident. She genuinely didn't mean to do so and is a lost soul.

Sarah was never meant to be that sympathetic. She stole a dead woman's identity! But I do like her and she feels like the root for this thing.

Kinda piggy for me to write, but I dig seeing naughty scenes with the same actress who plays different people so well. When we see Alison sleep with another woman's husband, it was a hoot. We already got to see this actress balicky in episode one, but she plays different people so well this feels like the first time.

I gave up on Continuum mid-season 1 on Netflix. It felt old and more of the same. Is it shaping up into something worthwhile or are you just killing time?

I gave up on Continuum mid-season 1 on Netflix. It felt old and more of the same. Is it shaping up into something worthwhile or are you just killing time?

It definitely got much better in season 2. Season 3 is becoming too heavy-handed for my taste - they really, REALLY want to show you how the future is bad, whereas in S01 it was very subtle. Then again, from the comments on imdb, many people didn't get it so maybe it was necessary to get that point across plus it indicates that things are about to get rolling.

Either way, I like the show. It's not groundbreaking but it has a good plot which looks even more promising for the future, while OB stands purely on the acting of Tatiana Maslany and doesn't offer anything more in my opinion.

What I find genuinely funny are the similarities between Continuum and Orphan Black. For example:

I guess the the Canadian sci-fi TV script writers just like to share!

Sgt. Sykes:
[quote="Gorfias" post="6.850598.21031340"]snip

I think my favorite show so far for seeing alts has been Fringe. They did not play coy. They gave the audience what they wanted to see.

Given your enthusiasm, I'll give Continuum another shot. Thanks!


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