Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Fitting End

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A Fitting End

After more than a year of poetry, Jim and Yahtzee will be putting down the pens to work on another project together.

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So what's next? Perhaps a musical?

Well, Jim was right about one thing; it was a bit of a letdown. Was there some warning that the show was ending that I missed, or was this all that was planned to let viewers know? Did someone actually tell Yahtzee that the show was ending? His poem could have been about that, or it might have just been his regular work.

Well, it was something while it lasted. I hope they do do something again in the future; maybe actual discussions on video game things, like that short-lived column that had Yahtzee and James from Extra Credits (along with others).

Wait what?


Well that came out of left field. Surprise! No more rhymes! I'm sad, but I can totally see why Jim and Yatzhee would be too busy to keep up with it.
But still saddening...

It's sad to see the Rhymedown Spectacular come to an end. The poetry styles of Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw and Jim Sterling will be greatly missed. I do hope that their next project together will be just as epic.

This makes me extremely sad.
Will we get something neat in return? I can only hope.

I am sad to see this go. I've watched and enjoyed them all. The only reason I didn't comment all that often was because I didn't really want to post a low content reply once a week just to say I liked it.

I cannot believe it has been a year already though, that caught me off guard.

Ah, Rhymedown Spectacular. Good night sweet prince. It was fun while it lasted. Here's hoping that the next project Jim & Yahtzee will be working on will also be entertaining.

"I think I won a moral victory." - Jim Sterling

I dunno if you can count that Pokemon poem a "moral" victory, but you certainly won.....something. Laughter and praise, I guess.

Fare thee well, Jim and Yahtzee and may your future projects be as fascinating as this one was.

You have to be careful, Jim, when having sex with Pokemon, you could catch Poke'herpes and you relay don't want that. You don't feel it that much but you hear it, every day and night, Goddamn, I am so sick of hearing "Herpy, herpy, herpy" coming from my crotch all the time.

This is sad. I really enjoyed these.

Yahtzee's bit seemed very Mogworld-esque.

Well, Yahtzee didn't do anything special. But it's nice to see him insulting "MuMORPuGers".
I, for one, am just a bit sad about this ending. Now, there's nothing to tide me over in the 11 (a.m.) EST hour before ZP comes out. But it's no surprise as Jim often can't find enough time to make a rhyme.

I look forward to what you two do next! :D

Also, I'd say each episode had only one winner.

The audience. ;p

Myself, brother and friends are sad to see this go, we watched it every week. However it was clearly on its last legs towards the end as Jim was unable to keep up the schedule etc... pity there are so few hours in the day.

Thank you both Jim and Yahtzee for a year or so of fun poems and much laughter.

Hope the next thing is something like a podcast, I'd love to hear the two of you discussing games together.

Thunderous Cacophony:
Was there some warning that the show was ending that I missed, or was this all that was planned to let viewers know?

Jim mentioned it on Twitter a few weeks ago, but as far as I know there's been no mention on here.

Dang... it was a darn good run, that's for sure.

I'd re-watch them all in a chain, but I'm worried I wouldn't be able to stop talking in rhymes afterwards.

You couldn't beat Yahtzee fair and square so you had to call off the war? How sad...

Seriously: It was an enjoyable ride and its disappointing more people didn't tune in.

At least Yahtzee ended on a takedown of the grind-tastic nature of video games. I kinda regret missing one of the episodes now (I'm not sure which one), but I am glad to have seen all of them as they came out. At best we can hope for a Lisa Foiles' esque triumphant return in 2016 only to get even less views on each video. Still, farewell to the Rhymedown Spectacular, you were more than just a Sonic/Mario crossover on the Wii.


Here's to the future: A Smash Bros on the Wii U!

Only the mighty Calculon can show I truly feel about this series ending.

Seriously though it was a very welcome addition to the site, and it was really nice to see how funny Yahtzee can be when he isn't saying 19745893038 words a minute. Good luck in your next project guys, and thanks for all the laughs. :D

Thanks for the all poems, and thank God for you Jim. I shall miss Rhymedown

Bummer. I've watched every one of these as they've come out. Now I'm sorry I didn't comment more often; I really loved this series. I understand Jim being too busy, but I hope Yahtzee throws a poem up on fullyramblomatic or his youtube account once in a while.

Farewell Rhymedown Spectacular: you'll be missed.

Thank you For all the awesome rhyming you've given us. You truly are wordsmiths. And i look forward to seeing what your next project turns out to be. salutations gentlemen.

Aw man, I'm gonna miss these.
And Jim, I think people thought it was a contest because it was called "Rymedown" which everyone concluded was a play on "throwdown". The show's very title made it sound like a battle of rhyme and verse.

But I digress. As weird and inappropriate as some of Jim's poems were sometimes, there were some really great ones too (the dark syde being one of my favorites because WOW that guy's incompetent).

Whatever's next, we're looking forward to it.
In the mean time, we will all thank god... for Jim and Yahtzee.

It's obvious Jim's routine is taking a toll on him. I'm going to miss this.

You have to be careful, Jim, when having sex with Pokemon, you could catch Poke'herpes and you relay don't want that.

No Jim! Don't listen to this knave! You go catch Poke-herpes, Poke-AIDS... gotta catch 'em all, man!

Wow they've been doing this show for a year? Where did the time go? So many unforgettable memories... and therapy sessions thanks to a certain Pokemon themed poem :P

It's been fun and I look forward to whatever project you've got lined up next.

Thunderous Cacophony:
Was there some warning that the show was ending that I missed

The writing (pun intended?)has been on the wall for a while now, Jim's contribution to the Smackdown has been a regression into to a rhyming addendum to Jimquisition for as long as I can remember.

I will miss Yahtzee's twisted, lyrical tales, however.

Well thats too bad, Jim's stuff tended to be shit but Yahtzee's was usually good.

I never expected this to last as long as it did. Don't get me wrong, it was mostly great but coming up with an actual good poem every week is pretty hard. At first I thought it was a one-off thing or maybe one video every 2-3 weeks but you guys really produced a lot of weekly videos that were really mostly good.

I'd love to see more poems, maybe when the mood grips you two you can release one. That way you'd probably end up at a 2-3 week irregular schedule anyways. I'd certainly prefer it to having declining quality on a weekly show.

Aaah, sad that it didn't work out. I watched every week (sometimes even rewatched the really awesome ones), so it ain't my fault.

I'm curious what the next "thing" is going to be though.

Anyway, a good run, GG guys.

Well, I did not expect to see the end of this series so soon. Yahtzee, your poem makes me rethink about all the group quests and Flashpoints I did in Old Republic, from the perspective of the NPC's I interacted with. Jim, thank you for that goodbye message, and don't worry about it being a competition: we are all winners for your poetry.


First they kill off the probably sanest person on Mad Men, and now Rhymedown Spectacular is no more, as well. I is sad. :o(

Here endeth the Rhymedown Spectacular
With an episode unexpectedly crepuscular.
Both Yahtzee and Jim
Were in it to win...
Man, I ain't crying - shut up, you liar.

Thanks Yahtzee and Jim for taking the time to do something new. I loved what I saw and really look forward to your next project.

How about Yahtzee going at it alone?
He's clearly enjoyed it, I read somewhere he likes to do poetry, and it was always very good and usually mighty clever.

Jim phoned it in a few times, and boy, what a bummer ending he gave us... :(

Fitting captcha: one of those shitty brand ones where you "need to describe this brand with any word(s)". :@

Watched and loved every one of them. Sucks to see it end.

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