Animazement Cosplay Gallery 2: All The Princesses

Animazement Cosplay Gallery 2: All The Princesses

In part 2 of our look at Animazement, we draw your attention to the gigantic number of princesses who made it out in the North Carolina Heat.

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11 is Tsubaki Yayoi and Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue. Very good work too.

Ooda lolly ooda lolly golly what Cosplay!

I was going to say that the Cabbage guy from Avatar was my favorite because talk about an original idea, but then I saw the kid as Robin Hood. He wins.
And the guy dressed as Jafar? Talk about nailing the evil face look to give the costume that extra push into greatness. More than a little creepy...

14 is Sailor Cosmos from the final arc of the Sailor Moon manga.

My wife is the Merida in #20. :)


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