Movie Defense Force: Hulk - You Won't Like Me When I'm Ang Lee

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Hulk - You Won't Like Me When I'm Ang Lee

Headline joke stolen from a Stewart Lee bit.

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That bit where he bends the cannon barrel back in to the tank always makes me chuckle.

I genuinely liked the film back when it came out, although I did think it had a few flaws (most of which were covered in the video). One thing that always bugged me about it is that it felt like they were holding back on the hulk violence just a little too much: they were always careful to make sure he didn't kill any military personnel and they mostly kept him isolated in the desert or other remote areas. I understand focusing on Banner as a victim, which I was totally on board with, but it took too much away from the uncontrollable rage thing. The Ed Norton reboot definitely ran with the hulk violence, but other than that I felt it wasn't as necessary.

I do agree that this movie needed defending, though; it oftentimes doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

Pleeeeeeeeeease don't add black bars to a 1,85:1 movie.

This one just sucks, because of the MASSIVE hype it had built up.
Ang Lee from Crouching Tiger?!!!! The flippin' HULK?!!!! The Matrix showed (FOUR years prior!) CGI was now quite advanced, and there's always great physical FX!!!

And then this landed, crushing my hopes like the Hulk himself landing on a carton of milk.
I will forever think of this as a turd; those stupid dog monsters instead of... you know Hulk villains? :'(

I couldn't square the circle in regards to the tragic, depressing story and the comically bad action scenes. I just couldn't. Alone, these things aren't too much of a problem for me, but combined? I get mood whiplash like you wouldn't believe.

This is really the problem with these movies made from a larger franchise. People just can't have it be good they want it to capture all the magic in one go. I really enjoyed this movie and it wasn't the next one came out that I heard people talking about it being so bad it needed a reboot. The only really problem I had with it was the ending fight because all the elemental transformations of the absorbing man made it kind of difficult to see what was actually going on in the fight making it kind of a weak finish. The whole "nanomachines, son" aspect of Bruce's powers was completely unnecessary too and I think got under a lot of fans skins. The rest of the movie was pretty entertaining though.

I really liked this version of the HULK. I like the cast, I thought the performances were entertaining, and I liked the weird panel style visual design that Ang Lee used.

Was it as good as the current run of MARVEL films? Not by a damn sight. But was it a good film in it's day? Absolutely. And I mostly think it holds up.

Norton's HULK was good too, and the ties to the MARVEL universe make it a fun movie. But I think some of Ang Lee's HULK has better casting. Jennifer Connolly as Betty was a great choice and I think she was way better than Liv Tyler. Sam Elliot and William Hurt... that's a wash. I enjoyed both of those guys about evenly.

I guess I'll give this Hulk a try. That way I can catch up on my pre-Avengers Marvel movies before I catch up on the Avengers Marvel movies.

I remember liking this movie. Mostly because of the fact that the Hulk didn't actually kill anyone (well except for that one douchebag). I liked that because it represented the idea that the Hulk wasn't a complete monster.

This is honestly in my top five for favorite movies of all time. No I'm not joking I honestly love this movie and find it in a lot of ways cathartic and very relatable.

Every time I bring up this movie I always hear the same thing I hear when I bring up Superman Returns. "it's boring because he doesn't fight things. There's no action" to which I always reply "Fuck. You" plenty of action and a very, VERY enjoyable and at times moving film that severely overestimated it's audience and dared to do something more with a comic book property than just make a simple effects action flick.

I prefer to think of this in continuity with the Avangers as apposed to that shallow fast paced horribly CG'ed reboot.

EDIT: The CG doesn't hold up? Take a look again my friend that CG is still spectacular and looks stunning even in a post AVATAR world I'm still convinced it's a giant muscled up Eric Banna painted green.
What is it people? The tone of green or something?

Still one of my favorite Hulk movies. I love the scene in the desert with the tanks. The look on his face was pure "Leave me the [email protected]!%@ ALONE!!!". Every time I see that I can just feel the rage and just flat out annoyance.

I don't think the primary complaint about the Ang Lee Hulk was that it was _bad_ so much as that it was one of those "so average it's mediocre" generic CGI action movies. I've seen it more than once and I can't even remember bullet points on the plot or more than one or two set-pieces.

By contrast, outright bad movies like Batman and Robin are frequently at least bad in _memorable_ ways.

So I'm not sure a defense based on "sure, but there were some reasonably entertaining bits" really addresses the problem that most people have with the film. The problem was that it was the movie equivalent of a brown-palette FPS based around linear levels with chest-high walls, not that there was something overwhelmingly terrible about it technically. Since Ang Lee's previous products were at least very visually distinctive, this was a disappointment.

I know they say its not in continuity with the Marvel cinematic universe, having never seen it, does it conflict with the movie? COULD it fit if they wanted it to?

Correct me if I'm wrong, people, but a friend of mine thought this was a great movie because it stuck so closely to the source material. I haven't read the original comic(s) so can anyone confirm/deny that?

I feel there's a lot of strengths to both Hulk films. if you could find a happy balance of the cerebral aspects of the Ang Lee film, with smash happy Norton film as it went too much the other way we'd have the perfect Hulk movie. (oddly I feel like Superman returns and man of Steel are juxtaposed in a very similar manner, over correcting the issues of the previous.) While the Ang Lee film was rather slow, and could have trimmed the fat in places, I feel like the story resonated over all well with what it means be the hulk(Hulk VS Thor I feel like really puts ultimate price on what being the Hulk to Bruce Banner. We always know it in our hearts, but it puts a face on it.), and having a unhealthy relationship with your father. It captures the rage and sprit so well, if only there was something cooler for him to beat up besides the radioactive dogs.

This movie was great, it has its problems like length, graphics and the mutant hulk dogs maybe come across cartooney. But i liked the story and there is a lot of good hulk stuff. An i like the fact he didnt want to fight, he just wanted to be left alone but people just keep pushing him. Now i watched the Norton remake, and it was mostly forgettable rubbish. Had some good scenes in it but thats it. He is a hard character to do unless you go for the smart Hulk, because all your doing is getting bruce into a situation that annoys him so he can Hulk out and smash stuff. Which is why i liked the story of Hulk, it made it personal to him.

Hope Marvel gives it another go after the amazing Avengers movie Hulk. But then the most people know of Hulk is the "HULK SMASH" aspect. So i do wonder if people just wanted to see a green guy break stuff instead of an actual interesting storyline.

In all fairness, the worst thing about that movie was the hype. I know Hollywood loves it some hype, but after waiting the obligatory extra few months after the US release, by which time the already over-played hype machine had turned it into some bloated mega-franchise, there was just no way the movie itself could live up to the all-encompassing descended-from-God greatest-thing-ever that it'd been played up to be.

Anyone who thinks The Avengers is a bit too loved? You have NO idea how lucky you are.

This movie sucks, but I'll take it over the Norton Hulk any ol' day of the week.

The Ang Lee Hulk has some interesting things going on and some tremendous visuals. Yeah, I don't care what anybody says, the Ang Lee Hulk is still the best looking one in my opinion. He's got an appropriate sense of weight to him, and I love the way he moves. And the fantstic practical destruction effects only add to his presence. Even the Hulk in The Avengers was ultimately just bashing other CG objects.

But yeah, the story was pretty terrible, the origin was the biggest heap of convoluted bullshit, the fucking comic panel scene structure was baffling, and the performances were awkward to say the least.

Look, can't we all just agree that Mark Ruffalo deserves his own solo Hulk movie?... With She-Hulk added for extra brownie points?

Correct me if I'm wrong, people, but a friend of mine thought this was a great movie because it stuck so closely to the source material. I haven't read the original comic(s) so can anyone confirm/deny that?

I'll deny it. Sure, the Hulk has had plenty of iterations. Originally, he was a grey skinned tough guy. I imagine a sort of Brooklyn accent to him. But no. I don't see the Hulk in this movie.

Nor in Nortons.

Nor in the 1st 1/2 of Avengers. The 2nd half?

In the 2nd half of Avengers, they magically transform the screen Hulk into an actual... wait for it... CHARACTER!!!

It is shockingly boring to watch a green rage machine just bounce around smashing things! In both this and Norton films, they give Hulk virtually no dialogue!

There was a Hulk comic book run in which his mind was gone. It was boring. I want a character like Avenger's 2nd half! Now that might be a character worth watching in an entire movie.

Banana vs. Norton? I like Norton's nod to the TV show. Banana had a better movie. And I'll tell you why. I understood the villain and his desires. And he was interesting. Norton's Abomination? He just seemed to want to run around and smash things. As purposeless as Doc Doom stealing the surfer's board in FF4 part 2. Pointless and squandering a great opportunity.

I can't wait for another Hulk reboot. This time, do it right. He's a character, not a dull force of nature.

I know they say its not in continuity with the Marvel cinematic universe, having never seen it, does it conflict with the movie? COULD it fit if they wanted it to?

I haven't seen HULK since it first came out in 2003, but I don't think there's anything directly contradicting its inclusion if you wanted to. Just pretend the nanomachine research is part of recreating the Super Soldier Serum.

I couldn't pay attention to that video, the title made me think of the Stewart Lee bit and distracted and smirking the whole way through.

The Matrix showed (FOUR years prior!) CGI was now quite advanced

Not really. The Matrix used some CGI to enhance practical effects such as the bullet time, but it was almost never used extensively in scenes with live actors. The reason the full CGI scenes in that movie look all right is because they didn't have to make that many of them, and they rarely have to worry about integration with actual physical objects. Letting them really focus on selling it when they do. But the CGI in that movie in absolutely no way demonstrated that the process of integrating CGI with live action was any better than it ever had been. Especially when your movie is using those effects for a majority of its shots.

Hell, the over reliance on CGI is probably 90% of the reason that I've only seen a handful of movies that use it well in the last 10-15 years. Most CGI these days looks like absolute shit.

My dad and I enjoyed it when it came out but it isn't quite up to scratch with the new Marvel films so i'm glad they decided to reboot. Banner was a good choice for... well Banner but the sheer WTF that was the main villain, the ending and those poor mutant dogs makes me glad they decided to do over. I think that the Hulk isn't really interesting enough to carry his own film, Banner is, but Hulk is so action orientated that any scene he shows up in goes completely nutter butters.

Look, can't we all just agree that Mark Ruffalo deserves his own solo Hulk movie?... With She-Hulk added for extra brownie points?

So the problems with Ang Lee's hulk are few but heavily impacting. The Tonal shifts of the movie are hugely problematic and they're not helped by the weird comic screen transitions. Like the dogs and some of Nick Nolte lines lines there are laugh out loud bad camp moments that ruin an otherwise brilliantly dark and poignant film about child abuse and rage. Honestly if it were kept as a serious drama the entire way through it would have been fine. The CG is fine. Films technical flaws like videogames can always be forgiven where as poor writing can not.

I went into this movie with absolutely abysmal expectations. As such, I was pleasantly surprised when it was a functional film. Sure, I found aspects of the film stupid (primarily the "Hulk dogs" and Nick Nolte). Barring those bits, however, I ad no problem with the film at all.

I certainly didn't find it bad enough to warrant a reboot. That's actually what I liked about the Norton version. One COULD take it as a sequel to the Bana version, or one could simply view it as a new entity. The only downside to the Norton version, as I saw it, is that, if ignoring the Bana portrayal, one had to be familiar with backstory beforehand.

Also, I suppose the lack of a compelling baddie hurt the Hulk movies...and everyone was a caricature. Then again, what do you create for the Hulk to fight, outside of something that might take all the Avengers? I think it's doable, but I feel that studios wouldn't be willing to "waste" a god-tier enemy on a single hero's film (even though they did it with Thor 2).

This movie is at best is meh. The Hulk looks bad, the comic panel transitions are just awful and the story was crap.

Of all the live action Hulks, the one that looks bets is from the TV show. The Hulks form the films may be more accurate to the co,ic book design but they look ridiculous. Lou Ferrigno painted green will always look better then some giant CG thing even if they could make photo realistic CG because the giant CG thing, even if it was photo realistic, will look ridiculous.

I liked it. I liked the comic book panels. I liked Talbot's fights with the Hulk. Good movie.

I'd like to see the Leader be the next villain in this thing. We've had the Absorbing Man and Abomination. He seems like a great character to have up next. I'll have to see where he rates on IGN's top villains list. I think he should be up there with Doctor Doom.

The movie is bad for other reasons. The camera work was just all over the place in a vain attempt at making it look like a comic book that makes it hard to watch. The movie was ok for when no one could do comic book films right at all. My brother and I enjoyed it when it came out, but on later watchings it gets physically hard to watch. Especially when you know what a good comic book movie can look like. I made my brother watch it again because he couldn't believe me that it was actually that bad, and had to agree that it's physically hard to watch because of the hatched job Ang Lee did with the basics. Had he kept to more traditional camera work, and story telling it would be easier to watch. As it is, its just a jumpy joddy mess of a film.

One thing I have to say about this movie: It at least has this awesomeness on its soundtrack.

I liked The Incredible Hulk better, but this one, I thought it was okay, sure, daddy issues, mutant dogs, shitty CGI and whatnot, but no one can deny it's funny when you embrace it's ridiculousness, especially at the end.

Hehe... Jimquisitor, nice reference to Stewart Lee.

I never got the hate for that movie either. I liked it, it was very in line with the TV show and its tone.

I tried watching this turd on netflix instant streaming for the first time a few years back. I turned it off after 45 minutes of nothing interesting happening.

Are the action scenes good? I have no idea because this is like a 2.5 hour movie and nothing interesting enough happened in the first 45 minutes for me to keep watching.

Man it's been awhile, I had forgot how cartoonish that movie actually looked.

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