Galactic Strike Force Review - Painfully Difficult

Galactic Strike Force Review - Painfully Difficult

I remember sitting there after my first game of Galactic Strike Force, staring at the board, forecasting back turn after turn to see what might have gone differently, what I could have done to prevent our inevitable demise.

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Published by Greater Than Games and should release to retailers in mid to late June.

Would I like this game if I like to play Pandemic? I really enjoy difficult cooperative board games.

I'm looking for a cool tabletop space-combat game to play, and I wonder if this game is for me (and more importantly, for my gaming group). There's a limit to how "hard" a game they like to play. But we do play quite a bit of Arkham Horror and that's okay with all of us. The review mentions that this game is similar to Arkham Horror. My question is, does that similarity extend to the difficulty and cubersomeness of playing a turn? Cause if it is, I think my group can handle it.

Or does anyone know of a tabletop space-combat game that's easier to play (and doesn't require buying seperate miniatures please).


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