Which WildStar Race Are You?

Which WildStar Race Are You?

Ahhh, Nexus. Shining jewel of the galaxy. A wild, unexplored paradise lost to the ages, deep in the starless expanse ... Well, guess what? Now you can make this alien paradise your next adventure! How? First things first. In the world of Nexus, what race would you be? Take this quiz to find out.

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I am veru dissapointed that neither milk nor coffee was an alterntive in the drinking choice!
I got human, how very boring of me :P

Turtles are aquatic. Tortoises live in the desert.

I mean you're not helping. Why is that Escapist Quizmaster?

I've never heard of this Wildstar game, but according to the quiz i'm a human..how did they know!?

I know nothing of WildStar, but I guess I'm calmed that I got human. Seems reasonable.

I've been loving wildstar, if anyone has any questions feel free to quote me and ask.


Tiny. Brilliant. Psychotic
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I may be a violent bastard, but I'm still smarter than all of you. Before you disagree, remember that I can headbutt you in the crotch. Although I'm more likely to blow you up or torture you. Fun.

I'm not sure how to post the image, but I got a "Mordesh", a cyber-zombie....Works for me.


Calculating. Efficient. Remorseless
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I certainly am a humourless death-dealing machine.

Oh, Escapist, you know me too well.


Savage. Bloodthirsty. Brutal
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Wife and I have been playing wildstar as a Draken couple (sort of) I love having two pistols. She loves having wristblades. It works.

Hmmm, I would up an Exile human when I thought I would wind up Cassian which is what I play. Should have hammed up the arrogance instead of being "honest". :)

Well, I was planning on playing a Mechari warrior, so I guess this is convenient.

Is the Human badge not being correctly delivered just now please? I got the result, my inbox shows 1 unread item [in that it's bolded and says "Inbox (1)"] but doesn't seem to actually have an unread message in it and I've no Human badge in my collection.

Is it playing silly buggers with anyone else?


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