Who Owns Stargate?

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Matt K:
In light of Guardians of the Galaxy, I could see Lexx getting a decent movie reboot.

In light of LEXX, I could see Lexx deserving a decent movie reboot!
But... these days I can only imagine it would get homogenized to look like everything else and lose that "special something" that made me cringe while watching and yet come back week after week despite myself. :P

as a fan of Lexx id say that lexx needs its deserved death from old age. its a good series, but its not something thats fitting in modern culture. the antisexism warriors alone would sink it the moment it comes out.

Look, I love Lexx, I love the idea, the setting and the whole camp, torture-fuelled, nonsense of it all, but have you watched it recently? After the first series it was rubbish. Not even rubbish in a Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, Firepower, kitchey way but rubbish.

im a late watcher, only watched the series this year, so my memory is quite fresh on it (heck, i was watching it yesterday). id say it actually picked up when it went to series format rather than movie format. movies severely suffered from the budget problem to the point of grinding your teeth watching it. meanwhile the show got better budged and finally afford to do what it wanted to do. they also had pretty decent story arks trhoughout all other seasons. not a perfect show by any stretch, not even in my top 5, but its definatelly not as bad as you make it out to be. the first series was the rubbish part.


Wasn't Stargate a series of novels before it was a film? ...or were the novels based on the film? I don't know. All I know is I remember reading a Stargate novel and wondering why the hell it seemed so radically different than SG-1 before figuring out that it was not part of the same canon.

Yep, there were 5 novels written by Bill McCay that followed the movie canon and were based on notes by Emmerich. I remember reading at least one of them but can't recall what the heck they were about. I remember a bit about trying to integrate Abydonian refugees into Earth society? I never bothered to look for the rest of the series because the TV series gelled better with me

Yeah, all I really remember about the 1 I read was that it ended on a cliffhanger with them sending a dismantled chopper though the Stargate.

I love both the movie and SG1 up until it changed up the core cast and richard dean anderson moved to a smaller role.

As far as the star wars Extended universe, the stuff set way way back in the timeline ( the old republic era ) is way more interesting to me than anything in the films lore wise.

Not saying i don't love the original 3 films i do but the universe set out in the EU for the above period is simply more interesting.

My basic opinion is that reboots of things like this are a bad idea, if they want to do more of this, continue from where it left off. At the end of the day the original creators lost control of their work, and the TV series and it's spin offs (which included a few movies like "Ark Of Truth") are what made it successful even if some fans of the original movie did not care for the directions the TV series wound up going in. The eventual failure of the Stargate spin offs was due to some bad choices in creating things like "Stargate: Universe" which was to say they were drawn out and did not feature any really likable characters that resonated with fans. The animated series was a bad idea to begin with, as it was aimed at a younger audience, and really that wasn't the core target for the franchise to begin with even if a number of youngsters watched it.

All a "Stargate" reboot is going to do is upset the same fan base they want to impress. It might be profitable, but it won't be popular, and probably won't be enduring. I look at the whole JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek, which was borderline insulting to the original, it made a ton of money, but serious Trekkies who are the ones who still form the backbone of the support network at best consider it an alternate universe and have made it rather clear the only thing they take seriously is the so called "Prime" universe based on the ongoing TV continuity. What's more these guys don't really have quite the staying power or hype of "JJ Abrams" despite their success, JJ had a number of fan hits under his belt (Lost, Alias, etc...) which is partly why he even got the chance to win people over (twice). Maybe if the original Stargate creators had already done a couple of TV series with ongoing fan bases (like "Losties") that had made it 3 or 4 years and concluded (for good or ill) people might be receptive to them rebooting a beloved franchise, or at least willing to listen to the attempt. JJ at least sold himself as being a fan of the successful IP, where our returning "Stargate" team has been blunt about disliking the material that made this popular enough for another movie
to even be considered, they are pretty much staring off with a slap to the face of the fans, and planning on running with what was the least popular part of the entire franchise, and ironically exists largely as a footnote/prequel to
the stuff that was actually popular.

While this might slot people off, I'd consider the real "Owner" of Stargate at this point, at least from a fan perspective (ignoring legal ownership of the rights) to be Richard Dean Anderson. The thing to understand is that he started out starring in it, but also produced a lot of the stuff, and apparently had a lot of say over where it went. It's one of those shows where the cast was the show on a lot of levels, and some of them like Amanda tapping managed to leverage that experience and role into turning their pet web projects into full blown TV series ("Sanctuary" had a decent run for a genera show, going on 4 years if I remember).

It's sort of like "Charmed", and how Alyssa Milano pretty much shut down the whole idea of doing another version of it, or so it seems, with a wiser studio. The bottom line being is that she was one of the stars, but her and Holly Marie Combs pretty much WERE the show, having not just acted in it, but keeping it alive due financing it and joining the producers, which in turn gave them a degree of creative control as to where it went.

Love or hate MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) the bottom line was he was the guy who made the show what it was and kept it going to the point where you could get spin offs and such. He's the guy I ultimately think should act as the sounding board for the IP even if he's not going to produce and sound in it. The wise would probably confer with Amanda Tapping as well (I don't remember if the other members of the cast got involved in producing or creatively helmed their own shows based on their success with Stargate, and what they learned from it).


I just had an image of a JJ Abrams reboot.


This seems very similar to the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer movie "remake" that was talked about a while back, where they were talking about doing a new movie based on the (bastardized) original, and disregarding the series (which still continues in comic book form) or even any influence by Wedon.

Okay things are reversed here in that the original author disclaims the TV series as canon instead of the movie, but it's another case where you have to wonder what the movie molochs are thinking.

//OT: what happened to everyone's avatars?

Nice. Mix COD with sf/fantasy. You can expect a popamole for the consoles soon after.

I dunno Bob. If Lexx got the HBO treatment it could be very interesting.

I dunno Bob. If Lexx got the HBO treatment it could be very interesting.

I'd be infinitely more interested in a LEXX revival than in SG. We have to take in consideration that it was not made in/by Hollywood for a market that was not American (to begin with). With government and cultural funding from Canada and Germany. It was more like small, love-child project who grew into its own with a dedicated fan-base.
Yes, it grew old fast, and it shows, but the elements are there for the HBO treatment

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