Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 005: Feminism, Fairy Tales, Seth MacFarlane, Poop Jokes.

005: Feminism, Fairy Tales, Seth MacFarlane, Poop Jokes.

This podcast is audio only. In this week's edition of The Escapist's Movies and TV Podcast, Ross Lincoln is joined once again by Bob Chipman and Inkoo Kang to talk about Maleficent's compelling yet inconsistent feminist deconstruction of fairy tales, discuss the Swedish coming of age film We Are The Best!, nerd out over the awesome one-two punch of hilarity that is Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer, and perform an autopsy on A Million Ways To Die In The West. We also attempt to start a flame war in comments by talking about whether a rape joke can ever be funny. Obviously, major spoilers and major flamebait ensues.

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It's been almost a day so I'll call it. I've never been more happy to see a flame war not happen. Yay.

Inkoo, you mentioned there was a lack of coming-of-age films for young girls (which I agree with you). But what about one film, Thirteen by Catherine Hardwicke? What did you think about that film?

Great Podcast. I really enjoyed this week. Thanks!


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