Escapist Podcast: 141: Pre-E3: Cue Panic

141: Pre-E3: Cue Panic

E3 is next week, eep.

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Greg here's a simple fact.

I'm not going to E3.

My friends aren't going to E3.

I will eventually see and hear every announcement you do at E3, but I will not experience the Demos and other things. EXCEPT for the Nintendo stuff. Last year me and my friends got to play Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World just like everyone at E3 got the chance to. This year we get to go play Super Smash Bros Wii U. So to me and my friends we don't give a crap about what Sony or Microsoft do at E3. We're excited for E3 because Nintendo spends the time and energy to bring a little piece of it to us. And since they do all their big announcements via Nintendo Direct we also get to hear all their stuff the same time you guys do.

I understand how Nintendo's way of doing things is frustrating from the Media side. But from a consumer side I much prefer Nintendo when it comes time for E3.

Personally, I'm expecting some sort of noise about the next Mass Effect - it's been over 2 years since ME3, tweets were coming out last year about it being "playable", so I'd be pretty surprised if they don't at least do a 15-30 second teaser with music and the title card. At best, it'll be an actual trailer that gives some sense of what it's going to entail - will it be a prequel or a sequel, and if so, how?

There is not an escapist expo this year?!?! Dreams crushed.


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