Unskippable: Bound by Flame - Zombies Be Scoutin'

Bound by Flame - Zombies Be Scoutin'

Zombie scouts can't be the most reliable scouts.

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This is why you always scout in pairs; one headstrong, impulsive person to rush ahead and get embroiled in trouble, and a moderate, seasoned veteran to hold him back. It's a time-honored tradition!

Also, I think somewhere GRRM's lawyers woke from their endless slumber, stretched their leathery wings, and swooped down on Spiders with some trademark infringement paperwork.

Wait. If they bleed and die when you stab them, are they zombies?

Interesting way to indicate rank in that army: beard size. The bigger, the higher up the ladder you are. But you have to earn the right to have a big scruffy one!

sorcerers apprentice is not a Disney thing.
but then again most people consider all the fairy tales to be Disney now so what do i know.

If you ever play this game on the stream please, PLEASE, have your character be female. Her voice is HILARIOUSLY awful. It sounds like someone who just had their wisdom teeth out and had a cold trying to do a femshep impression.

Does anyone else notice that this opening cutscene is almost the exact same one as Dragon Age Origins?
Blades = Grey Wardens
Scout guy = Duncan
Darkspawn = Undead (both are even wearing armor and can use weapons)
Both organisations use rituals to turn the tide, like seriously.

so it's game of thrones?

Maybe if you had some sort of hive-mind thing with the zombies you could use them as scouts. Although it'd be more like trying to use lemmings, can't tell if they are being killed by the enemy or just falling off a cliff. And all the moaning in your head would be distracting.

That guy doesn't look anything like a Vulcan.

I was going to go on a rant about how I hate fantasy games using Eathern colloquialisms... then I met the Scottish leader.

It has Ice Kings and a wave of zombies called Deadwalkers. How is it so boring?

I want to hear Graham and Paul do an entire song like that.

This game does not make a good first impression. "Let me just exposit endlessly in a bored voice about our generic fantasy war situation while in the middle of a life or death battle."


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