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I'm pretty sure a properly researched toaster would include a jetpack. Who wants to eat toast or jog when they could be eating flying toast or soaring over joggers while sprinkling crumbs on their pathetic earthbound heads?

Was that a gun popping out of the toaster?

Happy 30th birthday, Graham.

... I'd buy them.

In all honesty, though, this is kind of why companies try not listening to the general public. ... Because the general public can and probably is stupid.

Does it have WiFi? I'm not buying a toaster unless it has WiFi.

After Paul's line, "I blame myself," I was expecting someone -- most likely James -- to add, "I blame you, too."

The gun is nice, but no hot dog and egg slots. Would not buy.

Kinda shaky there, you guys loose your tripod?

The Toastmaster? Are you guys members of Toastmasters International?


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