Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 006: Ant-Man, Orange is the New Black and Tom Cruise's fading star

006: Ant-Man, Orange is the New Black and Tom Cruise's fading star

This podcast is audio only. This week Ross Lincoln, Bob "MovieBob" Chipman, and Inkoo Kang talk about Edge of Tomorrow's soft opening, Tom Cruise's box office draw, the Ant-Man director search's thrilling conclusion, Orange is the New Black, and the popularity of films about teenagers with cancer.

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When concidering TFOIS box office I think you have to concider the HUGE fanbase John and his brother Hank Green has.
They have been cultivating a community since the dawn of youtube that have been a huge driving force in the marketing of the movie.

Love the podcast, but for the love of everything sacred keep Ingu from whining at every second. Its sad to have to explain every reference into hunger games terms.
Just watch stuff


i think you guys have it all wrong. no one is surprised about eot coming in third, no one is mad about tfios or sleeping beauty coming in ahead of it, they're disappointed that it didn't make more. you can ask anyone, no one was looking forward to edge of tomorrow. it looked like scifi bs. but than critics were starting to go see it and tried to spreed the word to ignore the trailers and the movie is great. we are just disappointed that another great nerd movie flopped even though it is rated higher than both of the female lead movies.

I liked this episode a lot. It is funny how much Inkoo latches onto how stupid Edge of Tomorrow's plot is... for an action movie. She is right, to be fair. We, the audience, can only feel the despair and pain of dying again and again so much for a character with two hours of plot development and big explosions and surprised looks and training montages to a degree.

Groundhog's Day worked because it was a comedy hinged on despair, and even then, it doesn't take itself seriously for a good portion of the story. Watching Bill Murray slip into frustration then despair then hopelessness works (for a couple iterations), because there is nothing in the plot distracting us.

In Edge of Tomorrow, I can very well see how, "Aw, he's sad, but then, he never wanted to die on the battlefield in the first place, so saddle up, Tom Cruise" is how I would take it. Then again, I definitely am on the side of Movie Bob's opinion. I pretty much refuse to be a patron to any Tom Cruise work. I also don't really like his acting style, as Bob puts it: the Arrogant Perfect Boy.

I kind of liked this podcast because the opinions were so varied. I was almost expecting a full blown argument in a few places, which gives a tension to the podcast that isn't common in opinion podcasts.


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