Trailers: Hyrule Warriors - E3 Trailer

Hyrule Warriors - E3 Trailer

From the makers of Dynasty Warriors comes this Hyrule tangent.

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Heh, that ending.

'bout time she gets some loot.

I do enjoy when franchises hurtle into a different genres, because it's interesting to see how all the elements willmix. Either it's something amazing like Final Fantasy Tactics, or something kinda disappointing like Pokemon Conquest.

Seems to have a huge mish-mash of designs from other Zelda games. The Bokoblins follow the Skyward Sword design; the Stalchildren and Great Fairy from Ocarina of Time; Argorok (the shiny black dragon) and the ReDead knight are following the Twilight Princess design.

Unfortunately, the combat doesn't look like something I would enjoy in a Zelda instalment. I'll probably end up buying it in the distant future, when the Wii U is much cheaper.


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