Trailers: TaiChi Panda - E3 Trailer

TaiChi Panda - E3 Trailer

Because the Kung-Fu Panda is just too high-strung.

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well i'm not usually in this camp..but im sitting here wondering what the 2 out of 3 panels that just had boobs in them was about..

boob attack ?

some conveyance of narrative or emotion from said boobs i'm somehow not equipped to pick up on ?

is there a whole boob "language" i don't know about ? Oo


It looks like it was a regular game, but then someone at the company changed the Monk to a panda and everyone thought it was funny. Some game devs need a vacation.

So, what else is there? Muay Thai Panda? Jui Jutsu Panda? Can someone make a brawler where the characters use different martial arts and are all pandas? We need to get this out of everyone's system.

So generic Diablo clone with the added benefit of confusing parents/grandparents who want to buy a game and remember that one movie a while back with the Panda.
I hope everybody involved in this loses money! The buyer sure will


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