No Right Answer: Jim Sterling Says E3 Isn't Worth It

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The idea of E3 isn't bad, but what it has become is horrible. I think that Nintendo stepping away from the big press conference was a good idea because the press conference has become less about the games and more about the conference. So many things on stage were not games, but gameplay ideas. Heck, EA had nothing to show and had no business holding a press conference. Did we really need a press conference to tell us that EA is going to release a whole bunch of sports games this year? The only reason EA held a press conference was to say, "We had a press conference at E3"

And the people that say that Nintendo wasn't at E3 think that E3 is about the conferences. Nintendo had a huge presense. They had huge lines, a bunch of internet offerings and actually had games for people to play.

At least Jim got closer to my sentiment about E3. He did get a bit confused at the end, where he wanted other people to go to E3 and still have it, he'd just cover it from home.

E3 still exists there man, you are being PRO E3 with that statement.

I don't really even FOLLOW E3. I view E3 as game trailers, I've been burned too many times in the past by trailers getting hype for a series that just does not work for me.

You mentioned one game running on a high end machine, as one of the ways to fake a trailer. but there are many many others. And anything besides a 'lets play' is wholy inaccurate representation of the game. AFTER the game has been released, and probably to be fair after all its patches are out.

And THAT puts me like at least a year behind the cutting edge trailer crowds.

I will make an exception for Bethesda who has apparently tenure for the moment, as they haven't made a bad game since Oblivion, and even Oblivion wasn't that bad since it came with a toolset which fixed the glaring balance issues thru mods.

Bethesda has quite the new age old school mindset when it comes to games. It released Fallout 3, let it get modded by the community, then released New Vegas which had many of the popular mods people used for Fallout 3. Which is different than any other established company and the newer kickstarter or other indy titles. Its Unique and the reason Bethesda can get away with releasing ... poorly made games in terms of stability and balance issues, is within a week of release someone will go thru the toolset FIX the issues, and release them to the community.

But back to E3, the industry has been lying to me with trailers for so long that I don't even care about whats coming out. once its been out, and its been proven to be not bad by actual people then its worth checking out.

As such for a gamer, E3 serves no purpose, and for journalism, again no purpose because If anyone could tell if something was going to be good there wouldn't be this problem, but NOBODY can.

So is it worth it for publishers? I mean if Xbox learns that 'kinect sports rivals' looks like the version with the previous Xbox, and people still don't want to play it or deal with the kinect. I watched a video of that where it had half an hour of setup where the guy had to get on his hands and knees to get the picture taken, per player, per game.

and Xbox needs people to tell ...don't try to sell this to people, don't try to bundle it with your system. DO pretend its a cartridge of ET and bury it in the desert. I don't care how much you spent or what people were thinking. Cut your losses and fire anyone in Kinect R + D.

You aren't an airliner. People won't put up with that stuff. You are with an OS, Windows is an airliner. you can do what you want with windows and office, bundle the kinect with THAT, and people will buy it because they have no choice. but if they have a choice. they will get the PS4.

which would be valuable for XBOX to know.

He did get a bit confused at the end, where he wanted other people to go to E3 and still have it, he'd just cover it from home.

Why would he want to remain in the status quo, unless he thinks this is his and the escapists limit. It really is about time this place got to investing in the talent and get them press cards and stuff.

I've been playing video games for...well for 30 years now actually, and I've never paid any attention to E3. It's never influenced my game purchases, or given me any unique/vital insight into the gaming options out there for me. I spot something that looks interesting, either by trailers on gamesites/youtube, or that I happen to read in something like Gamerinfo.

My primary influence for games is communication with friends and random exposure via trailers, then I research more.

Honestly, I didn't really hear about E3 until probably 10 years ago. I figured it was just some electronic symposium or something, and didn't know it was game related until later.

Zero concern for E3, didn't care about it then, don't care about it now.

My goodness Jim is quite a capable quaffer of water. And while he was sick as a dog to boot!

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