Entwined Review - It's For The Birds

Entwined Review - It's For The Birds

An alternative headline pun could be "sleeping with the fishes."

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I watched the Sony E3 convention with a group of friends and we all agreed that the experience of playing this game would likely be greatly enhanced by the concurrent use of certain illegal substances, and also that the game would be very boring otherwise. Looks like we were right.

Reading the Title makes me say it in my mind with your voice sound like its a 'for girls only' game

My E3 comment was "Well that looks like something you'd play on your phone on the bus or something to occupy time". Guess that was about right.

At least its new IP by young developers (students apparently), I can cut them a bit of break on their first game out the door. And at least it's finished and doesn't seem like a demo thrown out the door.

Jimothy Sterling:
A shallowness that attempts to disguise itself through pretty graphics and an a sweeping soundtrack.

Unfortunately this describes far too many indie games. There's a reason "arty" and "utterly boring and pointless" tend to be considered synonymous by most people. On the plus side, it really does show that games have definitely caught up with other media forms. No longer are we restricted to films and art galleries if we want to see some pretentious drivel.

"Basically, it's like Rez without shooting"

I said the same exact thing watching the announcement of the game on the E3 briefing. Looks okay, but nothing I'm falling over myself to play right at this moment, or even for the $10 price tag (which I usually find a decent enough price for most games, just not ones that sound this shallow.)


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