Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 007: Wait, Seriously, A Shazam Movie Before Wonder Woman?

007: Wait, Seriously, A Shazam Movie Before Wonder Woman?

This podcast is audio only. This week Ross Lincoln, Bob "MovieBob" Chipman, and newly minted Escapist Senior Editor of Movies and TV Elizabeth Harper talk Jason Momoa as Aquaman, the secretive nature of movie news, the ambitious (and somewhat baffling) DC Cinematic Universe, and Powers: The TV Series. Fun and lots of rambling about Sandman ensue.

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I'd disagree with MovieBob about Shazam's popularity. I didn't read comics growing up, but I know the names of pretty much every major and b-list super hero EXCEPT for Shazam. When my entire family read this news, the one common question was, "Who the f#$% is Shazam?" Maybe we just live under a rock, but I'm with Harper on this one. Hopefully it will pop out and wow people, but it sounds like a dud to me.

Shazam is SOOOO much more interesting than Wonder Woman. SOOOOO much more interesting a hero with far more interesting abilities.

Wonder Woman's Lasso, invisible plane, boomerang tiara and bullet proof bracelets are a joke. Nearly as laughable as a chrome colored man using a surfboard in space but at least he has cosmic abilities and interesting enemies. Especially with Wonder Woman juggling from bondage fetish in her creation to the JLA secretary to ultra feminist, there's no group her existence shouldn't piss off and no part of her equipment that aren't laughable. At least her powers are founded in Greek mythos which is interesting but Captain Marvel has that without the lame-ass baggage.

I'd rather almost any other super heroine steal Wonder Woman's spotlight. It's a shame that she of all heroes had to take the representative spot of females in the DC universe.

Team Hollywood:
007: Wait, Seriously, A Shazam Movie Before Wonder Woman?

The horrifying thing, and the proof that Shazam might not be an A-lister in this day and age, is that the first thing I thought when I saw the title of the episode was:

"Wait, hold up, hold the f*** up! They're remaking this piece of shit?!"

And then I realized that it was the DC character, and was simultaniously relieved and very, very sad.

I know who Captain Marvel is. I just don't care. A Wonder Woman movie is one that I'd at least have some interest in seeing, as long as Snyder didn't ruin it. Some little brat who turns into a magical Superman when he says "Shazam!" has nothing to offer me.

True Facts:
Shazam, aka Captain Marvel was THE most popular super hero back in world war 2.

Just wanted to say I enjoy this podcast very much. :)

But PLEASE have the music stop before you start your intro Ross. :(
x( It's very annoying trying to listen to what you're saying when the music is almost as loud as you are talking.

Also, Elizabeth is not alone in not seeing Game of Thrones. ;p
I haven't not seen ANY of it. Seen some from the Abridged show here on the Escapist, but that's about it.
No HBO, and I'm not sure it's a show for me anyway.

As for the movies I hope Shazam does well. The character seemed more likable than Superman to me, and maybe Angry Joe won't have to powerfully defend it like he had to for Superman. xD
Though it is odd (And kind of sad) they think he will be safer than Wonder Woman. :(

Hope you all have a good week!

So here I was thinking the Sandman they were talking about was the one in the gas mask and trenchcoat, when it turns out there's a whole bunch of other sandmen in DCs lore that are more popular and noteworthy that I had never even heard of. Now I feel like an idiot.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
I like the idea in principle. I assume that our big introduction to Aquaman is going to be him breaching the surface bestride some Lovecraftean horror from the deep like some kind of deep sea Beastmaster. My big concern here is that they're going to use his notoriety as Khal Drogo as an excuse to play the Atlanteans as some sort of underwater savage barbarian race. Which is going to have all kinds of unfortunate, and hopefully unintentional racial implications.

The Rumored DC universe movies/shows.

Individually I find it weird that we're getting a Shazam flick as well as as Sandman film and what I guess is meant to be an in canon Hellblazer series. None of these projects make much sense on their own but combined they do seem to imply that the DC Cinematic Universe is going to be much more heavily influenced by magic than the MCU. Doubly so if they keep the more mythical origins of Wonder Woman in tact instead of the ever so stupid rumor that was floating around about the Amazons being a lost tribe of Krypton.

Batman V Superman: Trial by Jury Not much to say here but ever since I saw the title I wondered if the Batman v Superman thing wasn't intentional. My assumption is that the whole crux of the film is going to be Superman having to defend himself against a jury of his peers (The JLA) as they determine just how much of a threat he continues to be.

"How do you know someone's read Sandman? Don't worry; they'll tell you."

Oh, Bob. You slay me every time.

Another good but not great podcast. There is a reason that Ross has a comics and cosplay podcast. It shouldn't exist to be the runoff commentary he wants to make on comics that doesn't fit here. I have no idea why Bob is worried about talking over other people. He does a great job of being curteous. He never said anything snarky that I hadn't already thought about five minutes ago.

Maybe this podcast would be served better if each person brought and introduced their own topic of interest? So that we don't hear one personal account of everything?

Maybe I am just a little annoyed because I lost interest in Sandman's ennui two trade paperbacks in and wanted to learn more about what Elizabeth and Bob thought.


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