Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Beaches in Video Games

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People don't like Corona? What's wrong with Corona? Sure, it's no Dos Equis, but it's still good. Give me a cold Corona (With a lime!) any day of the week, thank you very much.

Sometimes in Titan's Quest I would wander the beach levels, including Megara Coast, over and over again just because I thought they were really well done (but of course so was the rest of the game).

Err, yeah. I too remember my childhood and ergo my fondness for beach levels. But if I'm going to be honest and rate my beach levels on quality none of those would come close just due to terrible aging.

Thankfully, this is a show about nostalgia just as much as anything else so I guess it won't matter.

One-eyed Willie (the cat)? Excellent Goonies reference!

Also the (non-)surreptitious alcohol use was awesome.

Screw the haters, drink what you like.

Great ep!

Lisa Foiles...getting her drink on! I wish I was back at Manasota Key getting my drink on at the "Lock & Key" bar.

Anyways, great list, Lis!

no normandy beach level :(. how many games have taken there turn at making this beach.

My vote for the best beach goes to Far Cry.

My personal favourites are Destiny Islands from Kingdom Hearts and the majority of Far Cry 3.

Oh and Besaid Island from FFX and X-2. Mostly because of the beautiful soundtrack.

As long as anyone keeps drinking Pabst, I don't see why anyone would make fun of someone for drinking Corona.

I hear PBR on the west coast is different than on the East Coast. Does anyone know if that's true?



You mean... Banjo-Tooie? The game that came out in 2000???

That one.

I kinda lost touch with it. Last I remember, it was in the process of being pushed back. I kinda assumed it fell through entirely.

Was it good?

Probably one of my favorite N64 games. (I also liked B-K a whole lot.)
It had a lot of good content and a large variety of multiplayer minigames.

These games were all sooo bad! Except Donkey Kong which I haven't played.

Dead or Alive XBV honorable mention!

Also, when I was 18, my high school senior trip was to Puerto Vallarta. One night I drank 4 40 oz coronas. I got so very, very sick. I basically slept with my head in the toilet that night, and didn't emerge from my hotel room until 5 pm. Haven't been able to drink Corona ever since. But I agree with the gentleman who says "So long as Pabst Blue Ribbon is popular, nobody has room to gripe about Corona."

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