Game Theory: Why Final Fantasy is Anti-Religion

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Weren't Christianity and Catholicism the same thing up until the Protestant Reformation?

Every Protestant religion and the Catholic religion are all STILL Christian. Not sure what has the other poster's panties in a twist. His rant also has very little to do with the video and seems to have more to do with artistic interpretations than anything else.

Ah well. I don't really understand why we all just can't get along but some people just have to hate on something. Funny how most of the time, it tends to be something very similar and only very slightly different than themselves (like Protestants Vs Catholics)

It's because the theory of Final Fantasy being anti-Christianity isn't really new to the internet, or unique to Final Fantasy itself. Many posters have pointed out that Shin Megami Tensei already delved into the topic of religion and mythology.

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