8 Old School Wrestlers That Make You Weep With Nostalgia

8 Old School Wrestlers That Make You Weep With Nostalgia

Today we take you back to the golden age of wrestling with some of the biggest names in old timey wrestling. So prepare for the suplex and enjoy.

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"Old timey" means something different in my mind, but good list. I'm especially impressed that only half of the eight listed are dead (Beefcake is still alive, right?). That isn't easy to do with guys from that era.

EDIT: Misinformation, disregard previous statement that was here. - Management

OT: Nice list but if you go old school and don't mention Bruno Sammartino, Classy Freddie Blassie, Superstar Billy Graham... you know what? I could go all day on that.

But where is Andre the giant? Or the epic that was Gorgeous George?
Seriously, look at this!

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka killed his girl friend.


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