Escapist News Now: Steam Summer Sale 2014 Begins!

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Begins!

Steam Summer Sale 2014 has begun!

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Kinda an ad for Steam and its sale.

Not sure what I'll pick up, But generally I wait till the last day because flash sales for something you JUST bought is annoying.

Been looking at the classic XCOM collection though, its 50% off Could get halved in a flash sale, might not be likely considering its not super desired, but I've been wanting to check out the old game set. but not wanting to put 15 bucks down for the thing. cuz its old and thats silly.

I'm having some fun with it. I used to have Syberia for Xbox but gave the system away before I had a chance to play it. For $1.50, I got that and Syberia II. Just got Blood Dragon too. Playing it next. Too much reasonably cheap fun.


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