Dominion Review: This Sequel Cribs Liberally from Everything

Dominion Review: This Sequel Cribs Liberally from Everything

Though the cliches are common and the story is overwrought, what else are you going to do while you wait for season 5 of Game of Thrones?

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You know, I always give every show at least 3 episodes to convince me I should keep watching, and usually it takes me about double that many episodes for me to realize that I done goofed and am only watching because I have nothing better to do. Either way, I'm kind of curious as to how many cliches they can manage to stuff into this show before it bursts. His mom is going to probably end up having been an angel, which is why Michael even had access to Alex and Alex is probably a new age Nephilum.

I think it's kind of hilarious that Alex is pretty much setting off all his friend's death flags. Telling someone that you'll get married right after this big event, telling someone to wait in this random alleyway that they aren't supposed to be in, I'm surprised only Jeep ended up dieing (sorry for the lack of grammar).

So if Michael is the only angel to back mankind, and, as he said, some angels think humans are to blame, does that mean that the rest of the angels are neutral? Does that mean that there are neutral angels? Why isn't Michael rallying other angels to help defend some of the worthwhile humans?

But finally, the best part: Where are the devils? I'm not hoping for some cliche (oh God, this is probably what we're going to get) where it turns out that Earth is hell and that's why evil people exist, but is this the part where we find out that, like, Los Angeles has held out because there's a bunch of demon summoners that protect the city? I would totally watch an interplay between Michael and a delegation of Satanists that offer to help Los Vegas by sending demons and stuff.

In truth, this post is probably going to get lost.

If demons do appear in the series, I predict David will be possessed by one, because Doctor Who. This show must be a Canadian import, like so many current Syfy series. If it was made by a company in the U.S. there wouldn't be quite so much manass. The next cliche I fully expect to see - a certain little angel will drag the little girl into a ventilation shaft, where they play hide-and-kill while Alex hunts for them using a rifle with a motion detector. Bonus points if lower angels swarm the city while this is happening.

I watched the pilot solely for Anthony Stewart Head, whose work I rather enjoy. It's entertaining enough, but there's going to be far too little supernatural slugfest and too much soap opera politicking for my taste. It also has points against it because of the "God is missing, and the angels are now devils" storyline. And if we do see devils, demons, or damned souls appearing in the series, the odds are they'll be horrifying compared to the angels in the same way that a cannibalistic pattern killer is horrifying compared to Joseph Stalin.

It could surprise us, but I doubt that will happen.

Perhaps I'm alone, but I really have a soft spot in my heart for Legion. While the acting was questionable and the plot had holes in it larger enough to the drive the BMW M5 from the closing scene through, the premise was unique and interesting.

After watching the first episode of Dominion (which I had no idea walking in was related to Legion), I kind feel the same way. Fascinating premise, interesting mythology. While it is more than a little disappointing that the pilot contains every cliche in the book, I'm cautiously optimistic.

And it has Roxanne McKee. Yum.


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