LoadingReadyRun: Football: The Whole Story

Football: The Whole Story

Football, also known as soccer, is a well known international past time that has interesting roots.

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Nonono this is the whole story of football:

Either way I do love these mockumentry episodes... Paul is always amazing in them.

"Foosticuffs" is my new favourite word. I wonder if I can sneak it into FIFA marketing...

Okay, that almost made me look more lenient toward diving. Almost. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a 2 games at once to watch...

Captcha: Adapt. Improve - nononono Captcha, it's "Destroy, then improve", learn your shit, geez...

This is unquestioningly, once again, the most accurate information you will ever find on a subject. Buuuuuuut then they mentioned time-outs in football and that's just plain wrong...

Ah, a new 'The Whole Story'. Along with the Commodore Hustle series of Loading Ready Run, these are my favourite types of episodes. Paul really does play the role of a historian well. Overall, an enjoyable episode, very funny. In my opinion, SPAM is still the best 'The Whole Story' episode but this was also hilarious.

I imagine that the origin of GOAAAAAAAAAAL will need its own episode.

Also, am I going mad or do the fields in the background have four goals, one on each side? Has medieval football seen a ressurgence in Canada?

I love the thought of British amradillo's! Great joke!

Even if you make stuff up, soccer is still boring

The Whole Story never fails to disappoint, and quite frankly, that was the best explanation I've ever heard for the existence of the World Cup.

Ah yes, poor British armadillos... T-T

And the US should get into soccer more and more.
I was kinda reminded of this ^_^:


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