Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 008: Straight Outta Compton, A Crazy Hackneyed Biopic

008: Straight Outta Compton, A Crazy Hackneyed Biopic

This podcast is audio only. NOTE: Next Week The Film and TV Podcast adds video. This week Ross Lincoln, Bob "MovieBob" Chipman, Escapist Senior Editor of Movies and TV Elizabeth Harper, and film critic Inkoo Kang talk about the the casting of the NWA Biopic, when Biopics work and when they definitely don't, and about the news that Rian Johnson will be directing at least one Star Wars movie. No spoilers this week, but super nerdiness ensues.

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The quality on the audio of this is rather bad, it pops a lot which is very distracting.

I, like, can't, like, form, like, a thought without, like, pausing, like, too, like, say like! LikelikelikelikeLIKE


Stopped listening part way because bloody Inkoo Kang can't not say 'like' every four seconds. Bloody hell. Don't get me wrong the guy, Ross, did as well but not nearly as bloody much. And yeah, the audio was terrible.

I think this podcast has a good formula and I like everyone on it.

I just want to through my two cents in there as I hope it is constructive, but Ross could you please let someone else talk? I mean that subjects are interesting but there is just no balance at all. This podcast was 48 minutes long and I felt like you were talking for about 45 minutes of it. This wasn't so bad in the first few episodes but with last weeks 20 minute sandman retrospective combined with this weeks hip-hop music history lesson, this podcast could use some more balance. Maybe Bob should Moderate the discussion since he seems to be aware when he starts to ramble a bit.

I really mean this to be constructive, nothing else real bothers me.

Elizabeth Harper is a great addition as well so I'm glad to see her becoming a regular.
And it's nice to have Inkoo back.

Ross, did you or your panel see Jersey Boys over the weekend? Because you EXACTLY described the entire plot, beat-for-beat.

Only a few minutes in, but I felt like I had to say something. Ross, get a new mic or change your editing software (idk anything 'bout this stuff) or something. The quality is horrific, especially for a professional. Looking forward to the rest of the discussion, and I plan on watching/listening to these in the future, but dear God, man.

I agree with the other posts that the audio quality is something that is a detriment to the podcast by making it hard to listen to. I am not sure if its the quality of the mics or the limitations because of internet quality, but its becoming harder to listen to this podcast. Now this might change with the addition of video next week.

I just created this account to comment on this podcast, because it's bad... it's been bad for a few episodes... and it does not need to be.

Ross, stop interrupting people. Stop saying "Right" and "Yeah" and much longer comments.

Ross, stop bringing up a topic, giving your opinion for 10 minutes, asking someone "What do you think?", and then giving them only two sentences before you leap in and give your own opinion for the next 10 minutes.

Ross, stop talking so much. It's not that you're not interesting, but you derail the conversation and this whole podcast becomes "The Ross Show".

Inkoo, stop saying "like".

Ross, stop springing topics on people by surprise. You are supposed to be having a conversation, and not putting people on the spot to have a clever opinion. Agree on the topics ahead of time. Let people think about what they might want to say, check their facts and sound prepared. Make sure people know something about what you're going to ask them and that they want to talk about it.

Ross, stop giving a 20 minute long rant, then simply asking people if they agree or disagree with you. That's not a conversation. It's not interesting.

Ross, stop saying people are "right" when you mean you "agree" with them. It makes it sound like you don't understand that your opinions aren't facts.

Ross, all of this advice is about you because you do all the talking and you seem to be in control of this podcast. So it's on you to fix it.


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