Shut Up and Sit Down: A Sci-Fi Special: Time 'n' Space, Netrunner, and Rex

A Sci-Fi Special: Time 'n' Space, Netrunner, and Rex

Time for some good old fashioned board game science, with three science fiction games!

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So random. Had a good laugh though. :)

Thanks for going over Netrunner again. A friend has a copy and I've been curious about it since we once tried to play it.

Also, I love the non-apartment locations.

That was fantastic; I really enjoy your brand of humor.

I've never really played board games beyond monopoly, and in my limited scope my favorite game is stratego. I've been watching Shut Up & Sit Down for maybe a year now, and you've definitely sold me on more than a few games... but getting friends together under one roof is next to impossible for me, unfortunately.

Very interested in netrunner though.

A crackerjack episode as always, gentlemen. I'm loving the return to the long-form episodes like the older episodes. You gents have a very particular sense of humor that I love. I find myself chuckling with every episode.


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