Critical Miss: Child of Light

Critical Miss: Child of Light

Seriously, it's really creepy.

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So, I just got the game on steam. I'm not sure why people describe it as "delightful" and "twee". The girl dies in the intro cut scene, implicitly murdered by an evil stepmother. The art style and rhyming stuff is supposed to be contrast to what is a relatively dark story. It all gives me a kind of Alice in Wonderland sort of vibe. (I'm only just starting though. Maybe its all kittens and rainbows later on.)

I liked the design and art style- "whimsical", maybe, but I'd prefer "dreamy" or "unreal." It felt like floating through water, with a sense of weightlessness. Plus, it wasn't another "Big headed child in a world of monochrome scaryness" game screaming about their indie nature.

It was a fairly normal coming of age story, nothing terrible or excellent. This comic was hilarious, though.

Is it bad of me that I really want to see that game happen?

I liked the game. It had nice music and nice art. I mean, the tedious combat and uncanny valley of the whimsy was very unnerving, and it gave a very hallow sense of dissonance, but I still enjoyed it.

But it did spawn this amazing piece of art, so it gets points for that.

Personally, I've always had trouble understanding what people mean when they refer to a work of fiction as "whimsical". I lump that word together with words like "poetic", "soulful", "charming" or "campy" in the category "Words that can basically mean whatever the person using it wants it to mean".

Personally, I've always had trouble understanding what people mean when they refer to a work of fiction as "whimsical". I lump that word together with words like "poetic", "soulful", "charming" or "campy" in the category "Words that can basically mean whatever the person using it wants it to mean".

Whenever I hear something described as "whimsical," I look at it and almost immediately react with "that's not like The Phantom Tollbooth at all!"

lol. got my self this game yesterday on steam and actually enjoy but sure struggle whit these boss battles. especially now with these 3 headed hydras.

but funny comic though.

What I found interesting about the game: The girl's name is Aurora, there's an evil woman involved, and she is trying to wake up.

Is it just me or does this sound like they used Sleeping Beauty as the basis for this story?

Ah, false alarm, she made a rhyme afterall. All is well.

On an unrelated note, does anyone happen to have a clue how threatening people in verse compares to the usual method? I'm curious now.

The creators clearly have the hearts and minds of children... which they ripped from said victims still warm bodies.

I did thought that ending was kind of bittersweet and the last character recruitment quest was quite dark at the end.

Wes Anderson makes a game

You gotta watch out for those red haired child muggers who speak in rhyme. I hear they're all over the place in London.

those eyes...

those eyes have never known any mercy

Awesome comic. I like the game. Still playing it, among other things. Hard to keep focused on one game for me. rar

At least the last sentence rhymed...

In all seriousness though, really cool comic, but i gotta admit, the bad rhyming and writing made the game unplayable for me.

I would've kept playing if the combat was good enough, but it's a hit or miss, i guess.

Bonus points for the rhyme that didn't quite rhyme. Fits Child of Light perfectly.

HEY! Don't you dare call human skin masks creepy.They are awesome. You just don't know real art. >Xp

On topic, I never played the game. It sounds interesting.

I'm pretty sure that's the point of Child of Light, it's supposed to feel unreal... "dreamlike", rather than "whimsical". Like a classic Disney movie (or Tim Burton movie, back when he was good), it's fun and magical to small children who don't or can't understand, but dark as hell to the parents who inevitably experience it with them; who are able to process the subtler imagery.

Captcha: Upside down. Pretty much, Captcha. That is what a world "through the looking glass" (seriously, nobody picked up on that?) might look like, turned upside-down.

The farcry 3 guy wrote the game right?
Well then...

obviously you just didn't get it

Once upone a time, there was this... "Bad Dad, is available on Bum Rush Comics"

And then there wasn't. (Okay, issue 1 is still there, but that's technically the shortest run possible for a comic book.) I thought this story and art was excellent. I would gladly pay money to read more of it. Is there some place that will take my money?

All kidding aside, I have to assume that you guys and had some sort of falling out. And I can see that your first comic ties in to the Ibisec (sp?) continuity of Redd and the BumRushiverse. So, maybe your comic needs a little retooling to get it back to a stand-alone status. Is there any chance that this will happen? Or have you two been soured by the experience?

Bottom line: I would like more Bad Dad.

Child of Light? Creepy? Nah, that's not going to happen. I'd say 'annoying', if anything, due to the endlessly "rhyming" dialogue, not to mention the tired Jester-that-always-fails-to-rhyme joke that was trundled out all too frequently. But yeh, not creepy.

Captcha: Nashville

Now Nashville on the other hand, is downright terrifying.


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