Escapist Podcast: 144: Summer Steam Sale Madness!

144: Summer Steam Sale Madness!

This week, the brave Escapist crew braves the horrors of the Summer Steam Sale. We also discuss Battlefield: Hardline, Ubisoft's new stance on piracy, and the upcoming Legend of Korra game.

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They got me again. Like these guys, I have a ton of Steam games I haven't finished. Some, I haven't even started. And yet.. Injustice, G-ds Among us, the extra addition $8? $18 for Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 with DLC.

I thought I had just about everything I could want. Then, 75% off Stanley Parable. $8 for Call of Juarez Gun Slinger and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

They got me . A lot. All those $8 add up!

I think I spent €50 this Steam sale. Let's see here...

Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition
Deus Ex: The Fall
DuckTales Remastered
The Fall (yes, a second The Fall...)
Hard Reset
LA Noire Complete
Lego Harry Potter 1-4
Lego Harry Potter 5-7
One Way Heroics
Quake 2 (nostalgia)
Sine Mora
System Shock 2
They Bleed Pixels
The Walking Dead: Season Two

I also found SpaceChem and Adventures of Shuggy as free giveaways on /r/GameDeals. Four of these I have already played or owned on other formats/versions or on GOG, but when it's cheap I just rationalize all kinds of bullshit to myself. Apparently my Steam game list sits at 364 games right now. I probably have 50 on GOG. A few shelf rows of 360 and PS2 (yes, not 3) games I haven't played through yet. I guess that's called optimism...

I keep saying this...

What's the difference between "Loot" and "Flag" in BF:Hardline?
It's just a shallow veneer on top of regular old Battlefield.

In honor of this discussion, I went back to play more Skyrim this weekend. So close to the end and I'm level 43 - everything dies very easily but I have to see it through.


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