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Livestream addiction is a serious problem.

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I like to imagine that LRR has a set of procedures they follow when something goes wrong:
1) Paul uses mad science.
2) Sexy Beej.
3) Something that will actually work.

Also, the streams are good. More lambs to the Lauder!

Lesson learned: Do not mess with Kathleen!

This was a hilarious episode, I expected to enjoy it what with it being a Commodore Hustle episode and featuring Alex as the main star but oh gosh, I was roaring with laughter throughout almost all of it. The introduction was hilarious but that one scene with Alex looking at Graham... I lost it, could not stop laughing. Absolutely great episode, glad to see all the main cast featured (though mention of Matt does make me miss his appearances... in fact, I miss the appearances of just about every formerly recurrent main cast member but I guess I can always watch past episodes for that) and keep up the good work.

As for the whole twitch/livestream thing, I shall pass on watching it, I don't need any more of my life consumed by hilarious people on the internet. I have things to do and funny people/groups/things on the internet always intervene in my schedules. Once again, wonderful episode, I enjoy it very much.

So how many subs is it going to take to see Alex pee-streaming, hissing, sharing the stream with Kathleen, getting the Dance of the Three Veils from Sexy Shirtless Beej, belt-whipped by Cam, and coffee binging?

So "make way for poop" has to be on a shirt soon, right?

I almost had a heart attack when I thought this episode was named after me.

Again with Beej and talking off his pants & shirt! Is it in his contract or something; "I must be allowed to get naked or you have to pay me more" Either way, great video guys =]


Technology to allow you to smell over the internet. On the one hand people who haven't changed clothes or bathed for three days, on the other hand cookery shows. Is the smell of cookies worth the smell of sweaty men? Do we dare seek this technology?

I'll have to remember "Morally pragmatic" for if I ever play DnD.

Does anyone really need to learn not to mess with Kathleen? I'd think it would be instinctive.

Every part of this was amazing. You guys have outdone yourselves once again, I somewhat want to go on a massive Commodore Hustle binge now just to see how everything has changed with LRR... Then again I would have to subject myself to the side splitting laughter of Alex's final few scenes in Bros Clubbing Bros...

Pfeh. One side of being a streamer is not having to wear pants. Which you get away with because people only see your upper body.
So the sensible thing is to go all the way and use a catheter :P

Whelp, I officially learned that Kathleen's Moral Pragmaticism is terrifying and that I must allot more time to watch LRR streams.

I didn't know LRR was a thing outside of this thing! This was the best infomercial ever!

I didn't know LRR was a thing outside of this thing! This was the best infomercial ever!

Actually, LRR's been a thing since 2003 or so, long before joining here.

Granted, I only found them after seeing Unskippable, which I only even found because someone recommended Zero Punctuation to me, so it's not like I was around for their whole run, but yeah, they have a TON of older videos on their site to check out.

The Kappa faces in Alex's eyes was fucking priceless. I've been around the stream(s) a couple of times and they're pretty good fun. :D This explains why Alex is around so often....

Chunguses? Is that a shout-out to Jim Sterling?

...stream, heh heh, pee humor.

Woo, Viscera Cleanup Detail!
If they stream it I might even check it out.

Woo, Viscera Cleanup Detail!
If they stream it I might even check it out.

They already did!: http://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/b/540092211
(Graham never got to Deus Ex)

Wait... Was James humming the Grr song from Invader Zim? Fucking sweeeet. Also Alex and Labcoat Paul makes everything funnier that is all.

Chunguses? Is that a shout-out to Jim Sterling?

Jim managed to get that into the LRR lexicon a while ago.


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