Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Underwater Games

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Top 5 Underwater Games

Break out your scuba gear! This week, Lisa looks at the top 5 games that take you under the sea.

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Flow looks a lot like the cell stage of Spore.

I've got a better candidate for number 1 that I'm kinda surprised you didn't think of, given that we're about the same age: Ecoquest, an underwater adventure game about a boy who meets a talking dolphin and goes to the undersea kingdom to talk to its residents, solve their troubles through relatively simple pro-environment fixes, and rescue their sperm whale king from a manta ray made insane from radiation poisoning.

Are there any other games that that take place entirely underwater, but only technically? I can't think of any besides Bioshock. And Bioshock 2.

I don't think any gamer has fond memories of the water temple. Every-time I see it mention is in a "worst level" thread.

I only ever played the first Ecco the Dolphin. I couldn't figure out what to do so I got bored rather quickly. Still looks pretty though.

Bioshock is a funny way of saying Dragon Palace from Okami.



No love for James Pond, Lisa?

My suggestions...

Scuba Dive for the ZX Spectrum.
XCOM Terror from the Deep
A really good submarine game I can't remember the name of (Might have been Hunt for Red October)
Worse Things Happen at Sea (again for the Speccy) (Technically a cheat, since you were typically only knee deep in the water unless you were losing, but if Bioshock counts...)

That's all I've got for the moment.

Was kinda expecting to see Archimedean Dynasty. I also have a lot of love for both AquaNox games although they are not as outstanding as Archimedean Dynasty. Also Bioshock feels wrong on this list. O_o

I wonder why you showed a clip from Aquaria in the intro but never mentioned it in the list. It would defenitely be my number one.

And then there are all the Silent Hunter games (U-boat sims).

My suggestions...
A really good submarine game I can't remember the name of (Might have been Hunt for Red October)

That's all I've got for the moment.

I think you might mean my reccomendation for number 1: CRITICAL DEPTH.

Let's do a brief rundown:

1. For it's time frankly MASSIVE list of characters to choose from.
2. Hilariously over the top story (aliens make warp gates underwater and eventually drop orbs of power in front of them to find a worthy human to grant "1 wish" to.
3. Full 360 combat underwater with torpedos, depth charges, specialized weapons and unique weapons to each sub
4. RIDICULOUS characters: we have among them, a disturbed former children's show host, a mad scientist who's out to create a new race using his brains and his wife's physical looks, a cult hoping to use the aliens wish granting to summon up an Elder Horrorterror, and even a surfer dude who "just wants to like, catch a sick ride dude!" among others.
5. Absolutely beautiful PS1 era graphics, massive detail on each sub, and tiny bits and ends colored and edged clean and smooth all over the world itself.
6. Tons of secret areas and shortcuts around the battle grounds.
7. Truly intimidating and frightening boss fights that will drive you insane as much as entertained.
8. The first (to my knowledge) instance of "be better or you don't get to finish the game" by only allowing you to get to the first boss on anything less than hard (Captain difficulty in game)

this game is simply great. Personally I'd put it above even Bioshock, and if it ever gets remade/a sequal there could even be online multiplayer battles in the MASSIVE arenas and even new ones. (Subs in SPAAAAAAAAACE anyone?)

I was actually going to bring up Bioshock, but then you put it at no. 1! XD
I'm sure if you included all the other technically underwater games, Bioshock would probably still win.

And now you've said Seaman on the internet... so yeah, there's that.

Sub Culture. That is all.

captcha: Love you. How appropriate captcha.

To be fair... I wouldn't want my little girl saying SeaMan on TV either

What - no Everblue?

The Everblue games - two in total, both for the PS2 - were incredibly immersive diving simulators, each featuring a massive, wide open ocean rendered in absolutely stunning graphics (which would likely look just a little bit dated by now, though).

As the story progressed, you would gain access to more fancy diving gear which would allow you to dive deeper, as well as further away from land. You would also, at regular intervals, be told the location of some new wreck to explore. These ranged from relatively recent planes and ferries, to opulent 1930s luxury liners and the obligatory pirate ship. Awesomely enough, it was actually (theoretically) possible to discover these BEFORE being told their locations, but the sheer size of the map made it MORE than possible to search for ages without any luck.

Exploring the wrecks was equal parts fun and nerve-racking. Fun because you never knew what you'd find, and nerve-racking because every moment actually felt genuinely claustrophobic - and because you never really knew if you'd find a damn EXIT before your air ran out!

Oh, and there WERE some land sections, but as these consisted simply of some half-assed, semi-static town scenes, I think I can safely say that the games focused entirely on underwater exploits!

You should put Mass Effect 3 on the list. 'cause it works the best when you use it as a coaster. So it's always *sunglasses* Underwater.

+1 for nominating Flow!!!
-1 for not mentioning Aquaria.

I love Flow, it's a great game and a fun experience.

But it's really not that hard to describe if you're willing to just admit that it's pretty much Snake/Nibbler with an artsy skin on it.

There, is, of course, always going to be Electroplankton

Yeah I'd have Aquaria as #1, really enjoyed it.

Same here. I'd put Aquaria on the top of the list as well. Discounting Bioshock, it is the best underwater game I ever played.

:facepalm: No Aquanox, seriously? No Submarine Titans? No Silent Hunter?

My suggestions...

XCOM Terror from the Deep

Oh, yes, and this one too!

Bioshock shouldn't be on this list when there are so many other good games that entirely take place underwater, instead of just technically.

A big one is Aquaria, one of the most impressive indie games I've ever played and perhaps even on my top games of all time list.
Even if you don't enjoy 2D scrollers, I would highly recommend it, I don't normally enjoy them either.

The voiceacting and soundtrack for the game are both haunting, they stick with you forever.

Ending theme:

It also features one of the best atmospheric multi-stage final boss fights ever imo:

Can I just say how happy I was that Endless Ocean got on this list? The Game Grumps episode playing it is one of my all-time favourites.

"Let your aaaaarrms enfoooooold us, through the daaaaarkest niiiiight...."

Meanwhile I can't actually think of any exclusively underwater games I've ever played. I mean, there's They Breathe, but I wouldn't call that experience enjoyable.

I played the shit out of Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future on the PS2 when I was little. It was actually my third game for the system. And I never finished it because I couldn't get passed the damn Hanging Waters level. But it's still a really fun game.

Uhhhh... hmmm, underwater games eh? E.V.O. had the first chapter of the game completely under water. I guess it doesn't count since the rest of the game is on land but that game was awesome.


I think you might mean my reccomendation for number 1: CRITICAL DEPTH.

Nope, never owned a PS1 so never played this, but reading your comment I wish I had. The game I was thinking of was much older, possibly on the Amiga or PC. Looking around the internet I think it probably was Hunt for Red October. To be honest I can't really remember the game that much, I just think there must be a sub simulator that could go on this list. Let's go with yours...

Nobody likes the water level. Why make a list about games that are all about a water level.

If Bioshock is eligible, then Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is. Sort of.

To the people who've played it: YES, I KNOW. STILL.

Good to see lots of people also would've like to have Aquaria on that list.

Endless Ocean?

­It's time
OT: Those are actually pretty good choices (Yay Ecco!!) don't really like the water levels...

Bioshock totally counts! The list is 'Underwater' and Rapture IS underwater.
Good job, Lisa. I was all ready to nerd rage if Bioshock wasn't on the list. You have earned my respect this week.

You should put Mass Effect 3 on the list. 'cause it works the best when you use it as a coaster. So it's always *sunglasses* Underwater.


And now you've said Seaman on the internet... so yeah, there's that.

Nao Ecco or Seaman? Were her parents anti-SEGA? Or were they just taking it out on the Dreamcast.

Your parents did the right thing actually. I was just finishing high school when Ecco came out for Dreamcast, bought it with my pocket money, got stuck ridiculously fast... and then I had no money. And no game to play. Then I got some more money and bought MDK 2, which was even harder. Fucking Dreamcast games man.

See, now I'm disappointed because I saw this as Top 5 Underwear games. Dammit.

Ahhh, if only James Pond 3 actually took place underwater. Instead of, y'know, on the moon. Which is made of cheese in that game. Huh.

Kevin is going to go slightly insane if you keep letting him do that. So many fish... and he has no way to get them into his gob.

EDIT: That was actually a plot point in "The Crystal Maze" (yes, TCM had plot points. Go figure.)

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