Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Underwater Games

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Fan fact: Stafy/Starfy was in Wario Land 4

no Aquanox = shit list

Lisa forgot a very important underwater game: Treasures of the Deep.

Released in 1997, TotD was an PS1 game that had you play an ex-Navy Seal turned aquatic treasure hunter. You investigated wrecks, sunken ruins, and many other places. The gameplay was quite different for the time: you had your diver, who rode a mini submarine. You got money for upgrades, equipment, and new mini subs by collecting treasure, but also for doing things like collecting lobster traps. Because you were underwater, you had a very 3D environment to contend with, and the game was very challenging. Sadly, it was very short, only having 10 or so levels. I also swear I'm the only person that I know that played it.

I can't believe you're actually bitter about the Seaman thing...

If my parents would have let me be in that ad I would hold them responsible for everything miserable in my life for the next 50 years to come.

Yes! Seaman is #1! You all heard it!

I am relieved to read that at least here some thought of "Aquaria".
In fact "Aquaria" was the first game I thought of, when reading "Top 5 Underwater Games".
Ok, it's an indie-game but ... no! no but! "Aquaria" is a wonderful game, so beautiful and the soundtrack is great! Sigh.
I was addicted to that game. I wanted to see what else there is in Aquaria, see (and fight) sea creatures and these god-like beasts.

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