Under the Dome Review: Stephen King Takes Over

Under the Dome Review: Stephen King Takes Over

No one does Stephen King quite like Stephen King.

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So I'm curious to ask, has Stephen King now directly involved himself in the writing of the show? Because if so it'd be incentive for me to get back into it and get caught up.

I mean lately, these adaptations typically have ended well (for the most part) when he was involved and aside from Frank Darabont, no one else has really handled his stuff well besides King.

This show looked like crap to me from the start, maybe it gets better now.

Why do a series about a town misteriously get trapped inside a huge misterious dome to then have it focus on shit that other series have done a lot better without the need of the dome as a gimmick (the kidnapping for example).

They should have focused on the dome, everyone is so fucking relaxed about it that it doesnt even need to be there.

I could have sworn me and my roommates were the only people who watched Under the Dome. Still surprised it got renewed for a second season.

Georgie Guinane:
Under the Dome Review: Stephen King Takes Over

No one does Stephen King quite like Stephen King.

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For the record we saw an axe and we saw blood, but until we (or at least a reliable character) see a body Angie isn't dead in my book. Especially if Stephen King is writing now. I'm not even convinced fully that Linda's out of the picture, after the way we saw her last.

I love King's work, and I've read almost ALL of his books. He's no George RR Martin. Unless it's a Bachman book, then everyone's screwed ;)

Oh so this show is still a thing, huh.
I don't know how to convey how disappointed I am in it. Especially how different Big Jim is in the show compared to the book. I remember him as a despicable, power-hungry asshole, absolutely unlikable shitbag which I hated more than I hated Joffrey Baratheon. The actor they chose is perfect but holy shit if they didn't take a massive dump on his character.

I stopped watching season one after three episodes because it was just complete fucking shit (the first episode was pretty good, but it went downhill at Mach-3 afterwards), but after reading a hilarious photo recap of the season on TV.com, I watched the season 2 premiere. It was still shit, but it's really fun to laugh at the sheer stupidity of everyhting that happens.

Like Julia getting off a motorboat, seeing the weird girl drowning and then swimming to the middle of the fucking lake like the moron she is instead of getting back on the boat and getting to her ten times quicker and not ripping out her stitches.
Or Linda standing there like an idiot for literally five seconds (I checked) before being crushed by the SUV, not even trying to dive out of the way. Great reflexes, Sheriff.

There's not much to watch on TV this summer. I can definitely spare an hour a week to hate-watch this train wreck. I might even wach season one for shits and giggles.


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