Unskippable: InFamous Second Son, Part 2 - Smoke on the Water, Fire in this Guy

InFamous Second Son, Part 2 - Smoke on the Water, Fire in this Guy

Delsin can't catch a break, but he can sure as hell break stuff.

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Question: Why would you need to burn down that building for a diversion? Wouldn't the big fiery car crash draw everyone there, allowing him to run away? Or was he hoping no one would notice the crashed high-security prison convoy and the raging fire that was threatening to consume the town sheriff because the nearby community centre was also on fire?

Not the zeppelin! We paid good money for that!

For some reason I'm not too sympathetic about what happens to the admitted super-villain.

You'd think the DUP would come up with a collar or a pair of ankle-cuffs that could do the same thing. It's not as if "turning your entire body into cinders" relies on your hands.

Nice of the smoke dude to give a warning though.

Will there be a part 3?

Infamous 2: Christian Side Hug Edition.

"When I got my powers, I was unstoppable."

Until they stopped you. That's kind of like saying "I'm immortal until I die."

I'm guessing D.U.P. should be renamed D.E.R.P. for letting the nut bag who can turn into cinders get away.

Being able to turn into cinders, not the greatest super power.

I did not care about this game at all, but it looks really cool! 'm surprised at my being impressed with it.

Of course, after reading the title, I had to sing it to myself... and the lyric change is more subtle than I could have imagined. That Pun deserves some kudos.


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