Escapist News Now: Halo 2 Anniversary Ascension Gameplay From RTX

Halo 2 Anniversary Ascension Gameplay From RTX

343 Industries showcased gameplay of the Ascension map from Halo 2 Anniversary, and it shows a number of changes made for the Collection including a new weapon spawn, changes to the level design, and an energy shield in the middle of the map.

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It's beautiful...

But the fact that they're changing the layout (even if just a bit) would imply that they think the maps inadequate, or to make us get used to the fact that they're blatantly assimilating pretty much all of Bungie's work rather than giving it shiny graphics.

The only way this Halo 2 news could be made better is if they scrapped Master Chief in favor of a story between The Heretic Leader & The Arbiter as Master Chief has no personality.


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