Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 010: In Which We Get Very Patriotic

010: In Which We Get Very Patriotic

This week Ross Lincoln, Bob "MovieBob" Chipman, and film critic Inkoo Kang talk about whether Earth to Echo is a worth successor to E.T., about Horror films and whether they can be both good and effective, about the increasingly labyrinthine rumors and debunkings associated with Batman v. Superman, and finally, about Patriotic films and what movies make us feel American pride.

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I will say this, the podcast this week was a great improvement over the last few, no one dominated and the focus stayed on movies, and didn't get too lost in politics and issues. Of course there is nothing wrong with talking about issues, however there is a certain line where it's kinda false advertising to call it a "TV and Movie" Podcast.

It does seem like you guys listened to some user feedback, so that was definitely appreciated.

Looking forward to next week!

Wow, that was actually pretty great. I really hope this turns out to be the regular format.

Great job on presentation.

Ross's joke about Bob sacrificing his dates was very witty.

No one asked Bob an obvious follow-up question though. Given the premise that horror and porn should be addressed in terms of effectiveness, and the supposition that porn films are never "good", then Bob's statement that effective horror movies are de facto good movies suggests that he would consider effective porn movies to be good movies. If so, I'd like to hear Bob explain why his position on porn differs from the initial supposition. If not, I'd like to hear Bob explain why effectiveness is a legitimate criteria for one to be "good" and not the other.

It would be fascinating to hear you talk about porn seriously, instead of somewhat dismissively. For example, a lot of sexual imagery is considered valid for artistic use in photography and painting and sculpture. Why not in film? Do technical and story aspects matter in a film that has pervasive sexual content? What is the dividing line between films like Shortbus, The Brown Bunny and Nymphomaniac and so-called "real" porn? How many minutes of non-simulated sex could one add to Citizen Kane before it became "porn"?

I enjoy the podcast, but don't really ever have anything to add in the comments. So I apologise in advance for this bit of pedantics. For future reference: Cardiff is the capital of Wales, which is part of Britain, but definitely not part of England. Luckily, I don't think anyone from Wales was listening this time round or you'd never hear the end of it...


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