Escapist News Now: Battleborn New Game From 2K and Gearbox Announced

Battleborn New Game From 2K and Gearbox Announced

The developers behind Borderlands have a new rpg shooter in the works.

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Will Braith take Battle-Born's money?


As for the actual art style of the game its interesting. But I don't see any character I want to play as.


Back to being a Khajiit or Argonian in Skyrim.

So when can we expect our vertical slice of gameplay?

But...what if you chose Greybeard, not Battleborn? (Sorry...had to say that.)

But...what if you chose Greybeard, not Battleborn? (Sorry...had to say that.)

I tend to side with the Gray-Mane's.

The Greybeards just stick to their dragon worship near the top of the Throat Of The World. Though I'd side with the Greybeards too if I could eliminate The Blades for wanting to kill Paarthurnax.

That & The Battle-Born's help keep Thorald Gray-Mane hostage so they just come off as more evil.


I wonder if Battleborn could grab my interest if those characters were actually customizable. Though I doubt they are.

I believe the term to best describe this would be a 'model dump'
Gearbox and 2K paid for a shit load of concepts and models for Borderlands 1-PreSequel and the only way to make it seem like it wasn't a huge waste of money was doing this game. I mean look at them! Those characters literally look like re-skins of Borderlands characters. Just boom, no effort what so ever.
Nintendo puts more effort into new pokemon!

And not even gonna' touch the whole cartoonish FPS-RPG part, save to say this game's working title was once 'Copy/Paste'

It'll be interesting to see how it plays. Bringing MOBAs into the first person is a risk but an interesting spin nonetheless. How will it affect strategy, ability cooldowns, teamwork and so on? It's turning a real time strategy into a twitch-based competition. Much of what makes MOBAs popular for example are the different heroes and builds for each given hero, how they interact on a team and how they fare against different heroes on the opposing team (some rock, paper, scissors style shenanigans).

While it could turn out to be a good game, my first impressions are pretty frosty. Seems like it's pretty much a pvp version of Moxi's arena from Borderlands 1, with moba speed leveling. Honestly I'd probably rather play Borderlands or a straight up multiplayer FPS.

Titanfall was the first multiplayer FPS with creeps, and it wasn't all that interesting, to make creeps play a larger part doesn't seem that interesting. Combine that with an FPS view rather than overhead sight, and a lot of people are going to get ambushed while fighting creeps, and not see it coming due to the limited FoV.

Could of course still be awesome, I'm just not seeing it. I'll wait for the reviews before I get hyped up about it.


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