Miracle of Sound: When Winter Comes (Game of Thrones Song)

Caramel Frappe:
Awesome song. It had the right tone and lyrics summed up for Game of Thrones. Personally enjoyed it!

Although to be honest, it reminded me to much of The Hobbit where all the dwarves were singing in Bilbo's house lol.
Not a bad thing, far from it. But the vocals along with the multiple voices echoing just had brain instantly sum up "Yeah, The Hobbit comes to mind" lol.

Regardless, awesome job dude. I've also been listening to some of your songs on Youtube such as "Kickback" and "Hammers in my Head". I wish those were on here as well. No matter, you've still got it dude!

Should check out his Bandcamp while you're at it, has all of his songs there, though they changed the format and it's irksome to find some of them.

Another great song! Man, I love these medieval-esque ones! This one, Wake the White Wolf and your older Witcher and Game of Thrones songs are my absolute favourites!

Keep! It! UP! :D

I love how you've managed to weave in elements of both the Game of Thrones theme and The Rains of Castamere.
Beautiful piece.

Man really loving this song! Though I am curious now that the Wolf Among Us season 1 is finished, are you planning on making a song for it like you did for The Walking Dead?

Awesome.. Awesome! Just awesome =P.

My first association from the song name was that it was going to be a bawdy song about Jon Snow and Ygritte. :p

But then, just like him, I knew nothing. ;)

I really like the dark tone of this song, it feels like you nailed the tone to the subject of the lyrics excellently. I raise my glass to you Sir. :)


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