Win A Destiny Beta Code In This Damn Dirty Apes Cosplay Gallery

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Win A Destiny Beta Code In This Damn Dirty Apes Cosplay Gallery

Like talking apes? Want a Destiny beta code? Here's a caption contest to help you with both.

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Hey, I made my cap but I'm not sure how to enter ?
should I post it here or...?

Hey, I made my cap but I'm not sure how to enter ?
should I post it here or...?

Whoops, post it here. I've made an edit to the gallery to make that clear, sorry!

Caption to picture 1 (Gorillas with whips)

"Members of the San Francisco Furry bondage club highly offended at onlookers referring to them as 'Damn, dirty apes'"

Caption to picture 2 (Frodo and Gandalf)

"You're a hairy, Wizard"


"You're a hairy, Harry"

Caption to picture 3 (Doctor Zaius and others)

"Somewhere there's a little girl freaking the hell out that her 'Stuffed Monkey' started picking bugs out of her hair."


"Meth is a hell of a drug"

Caption for picture 4 (Apes on subway)

"Beneath the Planet of the Apes"


"Rise of the B-train of the Apes"

Caption for picture 5 (Cornelius and Zira)

"No, this isn't a Teen-wolf costume!"

Caption for picture 6 (Cornelius, Zira and soldiers)

"When they explained they were only here to retrieve Zach Galifianakis, one of their own, all became clear"

Caption for picture 7 (family of Apes)

"Tale as old as time; Ape marries Chimp, has human and stuffed animal offspring. That old chestnut."

Caption for picture 8 (dr zaius and zira)

"Fan poses for picture with George R. R. Martin"

Caption for picture 9 (apes with guns)

"Tea Party demonstration wanting to bring America back to its original values: Guns and bananas."

Caption for picture 11 (Ape in space suit)

"Looks like someone had a little too much Tang."

Caption for picture 10.


Also thanks for the pointer, I had a small panic attack trying to find the right place to put my(in retrospect terrible)quote.

Caption Picture 11
"Ground Control to Major Tom, the time is near, there's not too long, strap your banana on"

Pic 4
What are you looking at dirty human

Caption to picure one:

"Hi my name is Mike, would you care to discuss politics and the current-most news over a glass of coffee"-Gorilla to the furthermost left

"Oh look at these most peculiar gentlemen, conspiring to drink coffee out of glass! OH! The absurdity!."-Gorrila to the furthermost right

Caption to picture two:
"Oh Susan, I say, what a most quagmire of a position we are in!"-Ape to the right

"Why Richard it seems we have been abducted to a still rectangular image by the man with the smaller rectangular apparatus! Care for some tea?"-Ape to the left

Caption to picture six:

"Gentlemen look sharp, we are about to converted into a J-peg file!"-Apre with white face showing hands

"RUN AWAY IT'S A TRAP YOU FOOLS!"-Photo of a smiling man wearing a boulderdash hat

Here's one for the last slide:


Caption to picture #1
"That human... That human is touching itself. How terrifying."

One for slide 10:

"We don't like your kind around here."

For slide 8:

"Have you heard the wonderful news of Ape-Jesus Christ?"

Caption for #4
Aint no brakes on the ape train!

Caption for #11
And here we have one of the brave astronauts from ape-ollo eleven.

picture 9. "ain't no party like a planet of the apes party. 'cuz at a planet of the apes party everyone realizes that their all dicks.

Image 10

I wonder if apes and humans shared weed rather than cigars there would've been a better chance at peace.

Image 11

"I'm not getting enough bananas for this job"


"Abridged Goku gets a muffin button and I'm lost time. Thanks ape universe."

Image 9

A first look at the new generation of Gorilla Warfare

Image 2

These apes are so high that they would mistaken the balrog for a huge weed plant on fire. I bet they wished it was a huge banana instead.

Image 1

Apes, whips, guns... "pretty sure this is exactly what I think it is" surprised no bananas

Image 4

So this is what an ape's fellowship of the banana looks like.

Caption to picture 10 (ape and human)

The real reason Richard Branson wanted to go into space.

Picture 11:

Space ape returns from his space journey to the next galaxy with suicidal thoughts, he refuses to state why, but experts speculate that this is due to his apehood being shrunk because of the different habitats he was exposed to.

Entry for picture 11:

"NASA demonstrating their latest spacesuit, complete with poo flinging capabilities"

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