True Blood Review: Home Sweet Fangtasia

True Blood Review: Home Sweet Fangtasia

The latest episode is a history lesson, following the story of Fangtasia from conception to current events.

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How did Vampire Bill turn into such a little bitch? He used to be the area King, then he became freaking Lilith incarnate! We have been told that he is neither Lilith nor the old Bill anymore, but this new thing is just a little bitch. And he has no influence at all to call upon some vampires to fight alongside him? He didn't get any! The ones that showed up were Jessica's boyfriend's (name is unimportant) bandmembers

I'm glad this show is over.

So, out of curiosity, did anyone else get the anorexia undertones during the scene with Jessica? I think that really spoke to me.

I'm wondering if Sookie's faerie powers will be the key to healing Hep V. I mean, how ironic would it be that the faeries are the only thing that can save the Vampires and there's only two half faeries and they have no idea how to fully rebuild their society. ...unless Warlow portal. Anyways, that's my thoughts.


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