GameFront Plays: The Starbound Show - Stem McFlowerpot and Fernburner

The Starbound Show - Stem McFlowerpot and Fernburner

People always think of plants as passive creatures but in this video you will see a couple veggies kill a whole bunch of cuddly creatures.

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At this point, the only "show" Starbound deserves to be mentioned on is as another pre-order AND early-access abuse case on Jimquisition.

There are hundreds of indie games out there that are of much higher quality yet have a fraction of the sales that this game "earned" because it was being made by Terraria's ex-spriter. Or heck, do a show on Terraria instead --it's a hundred times the game that this "in development for 3+ years yet is still in alpha" fiasco is.

i love me some starbound, in fact i have completed what they have released (killed all the bosses)and don't think starbound have abused early access at all, yes the game is unfinished if we are talking about quests and minor gameplay tweaks.
It is a complete game and there is always something to do. Terraria bored me, i ran out of things to do in about 4 hours and never went back to it

Starbound all the way
(granted i wish they would get on with it a bit faster)


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