Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 011: Take Yer Stinkin' Paws Off This Planet Of The Apes Podcast

011: Take Yer Stinkin' Paws Off This Planet Of The Apes Podcast

This week Ross Lincoln and Bob "MovieBob" Chipman spend more than an hour going supernova obsessive over the Planet of the Apes franchise. Like, the whole thing. We talk the original novel, the film series from the 60s and 70s, Tim Burton's regrettable attempt at a reimagining, and the current, ongoing, completely awesome reboot series. Also, Ross' vintage Dr. Zaius doll makes an appearance. It's a madhouse, A MADHOUSE!

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Have to say I agree with Bob and Ross' assessment of the Apes movies.

1. classic
2. terrible. I do remember seeing it and not realizing that the new guy wasn't Charton Heston and hence getting very confused about the plot. I think I may have even seen 2 before 1 which confused matters even more.
3. funnily enough reminds me of Star Trek 4, in that its a time-travelling comedy from a once serious sci-fi series (and I love ST4)
4. good fun (don't remember it being dark, and don't remember the racial overtones, but I think I was only about 15 when I saw it anyway)
5. haven't seen it.

Burton Reboot: Terrible, not least of all because I had a major crush on Helena Bonham-Carter at the time and seeing her in ape make-up was...somewhat disturbing.

Really liked the video this week. Loved getting all the history and plot points to a movie series that I havent watched. Probably going to check them out now. This should definately be done again with a different series, Probably the Star Trek movies seems like the most obvious choice.

Please speak on Avatar: The Legend of Korra in one of these. That is, if anyone on the podcast has even a passing interest.


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