Supaidaman: The Amazing Spider-Man Swings East

Now, when is Supaidaman going to show up in Super Robot Wars?

There's also been many anime shows i the past years about many Marvel Characters (Iron Man and Wolverine to name a few). I don't know much about those, so maybe someone else could expand a bit more on these.

shadowxvii, I believe you are referring to the ongoing Marvel anime-vers. It's made up of an Iron Man half season, a Wolverine half season, an X-men half season, a Blade half season plus an Iron Man animated movie and a punisher/Black Widow team up movie (which has plenty of heroes from Marvel's mythos cropping up in all).

One thing which does confuse me a little is if they are still adding to it, given how the latest movie came out a few months ago, yet another Marvel hero anime has been made that is its own story.

I need to sit down and watch this series. The sheer Japanese flavored madness of this just sounds too good to pass up.

Now, when is Supaidaman going to show up in Super Robot Wars?

Almost certainly never. SRW has never included a Sentai or Live Action series among its ranks, and mores the pity because I'd love to see the Banpresto treatment for something like Kyoryuger which doesn't have the most photogenic mecha.

I hope that Supaidaman wields a machine gun in the comics like he does in this show. Plus, it had a kickass cheesy theme song.

Marvel, for their part, borrowed a pair of Toei's anime robot characters (Combattler V and Danguard Ace) to expand the cast of their U.S. comic-adaptation of the Shogun Warriors toy line.

They actually borrowed three robots, the third being Raydeen (Brave Raideen).


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