Shut Up and Sit Down: BattleLore - Grand Battles of a Fantasy Nature

BattleLore - Grand Battles of a Fantasy Nature

BattleLore offers up some unique, yet slightly complicated, tabletop strategy.

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I think you guys hit a good point at the end (albeit slowly... ). Is BattleLore just Memoir '44 with Fantasy elements? Sure... but for some that is what makes it. War games based around historical wars always have that little bit of undertone that uneasiness (at least for me) of "Hey you are having fun / making a game out of an event that devastated the world in various ways". As soon as you are dealing with elves, orcs, and the like that makes those thoughts somewhat diminish.

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The original BattleLore had a bunch of expansions. I'm sure they will all eventually be updated and released for the new edition.


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